Hello Beautiful,

I stayed up late last night and completed all that needed to be done to submit final exams & discussion for the 6 week long Plant Based Nutrition Certification with Center For Nutrition Studies & eCornel.

I must say I am very, very happy I had done it.
Even though it's been almost 8 years since Joakim & I started on the plantbasednutrition, over the years on & off we had some fish and dairy on occasion.

4 months ago we had matured to say YES to 100% Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle completely & truly embraced #TheLovetarianWay of Living.

It is the way of LOVE & COMPASSION first for oneself fully & completely & unconditionally and since energetically we are ONE - when you love and accept yourself FULLY, you love & accept ALL unconditionally...

Plant Based Nutrition Certificate

As you know I'm in the creative process of writing the 1st book in "The Lovetarian Way" series. It is all about healing myself with #unconditionallove & food:)

Switching eating like that is LOVE, and love is the energy that brings WINs for all.

It's a win for me, it's a win for all Beings, it's a win for the Greater Good.

When you embrace #unconditionallove for yourself first, everything else will fall into place...

That is why, I don't use the word VEGAN, for as much as I appreciate all those who put animals & Mother Earth first.

Taking care of one's body, the temple of our Being is not that important for most vegans, it is VERY important for me.
Being a #Lovetarian is about being driven by UNconditional Love for all and from there everything else your Soul wants you to do will follow....

When you truly love yourself, you will make choices that are PRO Health, PRO Abundance, PRO Freedom, PRO Thriving for all - there is just no other way....

And...it is also VERY, VERY delicious & beautiful:) Have a look at the picture below of my daily plant based creations. 

Stay tuned dear Friends, I will be making more and more announcements about #LovetarianWaybook and more. Wishing you a beautiful day.

Whole Foods Plant Based Meals

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