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Guacamole on flat spelt bread

Hello Dear Lovetarian Friend <img draggable=

  • I've created this FREE membership site to help spread my love & passion for the Plant Based Nutrition which is a part of the 4th Pillar of the Lovetarian Way Movement.
  • We feed our minds, bodies and souls with so many beautiful energies on a daily basis, be it loving emotions, conscious breathing, fresh air, exercise, spending time in nature, etc...
  • However - this membership site is dedicated to the WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED & PLANT BASED Recipes.
  • I've been a plant based eater since 2012 and in 2020 I've been further inspired to clean my nutrition and truly focus on heart based living..
    I choose not to eat animals, I consider them my friends and I don't want to eat any of my friends:) 
  • I've been creating delicious meals ever since I remember and only recently I finally started to make a record of my recipes!

My friends had been asking for it for so long, as the plant based feast are really loved by anyone who visits my house, so, I'm making it happen now...

feast with friends

Once you enter your name and email, you will get an access to the recipes I have already uploaded and then on a weekly basis you will receive an email about the Newest ones being uploaded there regularly.

Enter Your Name and Email and you will get immediate access to the membership area and get cooking!

If you’d like a FREE access to the yummy, nutritious Plant Based Recipes I’ve created, please fill in your Name, Email and Create Your Password:

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PS: I don't know how long this will be available for FREE, at some point I'll introduce a paid membership, so, please take advantage while it's free:)

Corn Tortillas With Chilli Beans, Soy Yogurt Sauce & Raw Veg
Chickpea Wraps

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