My Story

Hello Beautiful 🌺

Thank you for coming here, I appreciate you and I love you - completely and unconditionally.

I know that I don't know you, but let me ask you:
"If one can hate someone without knowing them, can one love them as well?"

I believe so and this is how I choose to live my life. This is my story to the Lovetarian Way, (you can read more about me realising I was a Lovetarian by clicking HERE:))

As a wise man once wrote:

"Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve..."

And, so it has been in my life and so it can be in your life should you want to believe…

As children we believe in a lot of stories we are told. Some of them are empowering, some of them are rather nonsensical, yet as kids we believe them without any judgment.

Unfortunately as we grow up and live on, they become us and we navigate through life, replaying these stories without questioning them.

I like to use the word: "Bajki"- plural, "Bajka" - singular. Any Polish or Eastern European might recognise the words from their childhood.

Bajki directly translates as "fairy tales" and we were told a whole bunch of them when we were children and we LOVED them, in fact we fell IN LOVE with some of them.

Be it a story of "A knight in a shining armour on a white horse who saved the princess from her oppression",  be it a story of: "a dangerous world out there" or "to never trust strangers"...

You feel what I mean, right?

Those lovely stories were sometimes universally true when they taught us about love, care, good in people. 

Some of them were also very, very misleading and false when they taught us about all the evil in the world, all the darkness, all the dangers…

I don't want to say they were always wrong, I purposely say misleading because remember: "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve..."

Through these stories we received a gift. 

The gift that either made our lives flow in beautiful abundance, health, joy, etc...or made us suffer and struggle through life.

Either way, it has been an amazing gift. 

If you don't see it yet, bare with me a little longer...

For now, let me just say in the words of Buddha:

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional".

It's a funny thing with us humans, as kids we are so free, joyful and then Bajki start to pile up and penetrate our consciousness.

We become like little sleeping beauties who keep on going without questioning what we've been taught…

As adults though, we can choose to question all of these stories and become conscious creators of our life experience.

Live & co-create the most amazing, magicKal existence of our own Bajka  - the miraculous fairy tale here on Earth, creating Heaven on Earth for ourselves and all…

Now...let me tell you the truest Bajka of my life and how I stepped on to The Lovetarian Way...

Get comfy, I will tell it like our grandparents used to do…

Here is a story of little Natalia who grew up to be the most amazing Goddess she could be, she made the most of her life here, living her unique MagicK & miracles.

She lived fully, in love with life, loving herself and others unconditionally, inspiring the beautiful transformation in those who wanted to believe…

And so I give you:

Bajka of the Goddess Natalia
& the Lovetarian Way

Once upon a time, the Goddess of Love & Light ( Divine MotherFatherCreatrixCreatorGodSophiaSource ) whispered to little Natalia: 

“Go, Create, Expand, Live Your Best Life. Experience Miracles & MagicK Little One...”

And so the Journey of the Goddess, to the Goddess has begun….

Little Natalia has been a fierce, feisty Little Goddess and didn’t even realise what power she possessed.

She had no idea what was existing within her.

My Wonderful Parents

My Wonderful Parents

My little self

My little self

She heard the voice inside saying:
“When you are in Balance, we shower You with Infinite Abundance…”

She got attached to that story and has been doing her utmost to live that balanced life…

Oh, but she struggled, she suffered…

She was born as an Aries, in the year of a Fire Dragon. The fire within her was both inspirational and self destructive.

She kept making fires and kept putting them out…

Something deep inside her has always been whispering:

“You are to inspire & teach others, you are unique, you are to play Your Own Music…

Be your authentic self, never settle…Those who are to follow, will follow, be the leader of your life, inspire others….”

So, she did her best to live that way…

Yet, that fire kept consuming her.

She let it. Bulimia had been her best friend for over 20 years.

She manifested a lot of mess in her life.

She needed to experience much pain to finally wake up and understand that all the solutions & answers to overcome anything had always been within her.

There were better years, there were worse years, and now she is finally ready to appreciate them all for what they brought in; the wins and lessons, nothing was lost, everything was gained.

The life of Infinite Love, Light, Wisdom, Abundance, Joy, Prosperity, Health is here & she is forever connected with the Goddess Within.

She is blessed to live and create her best life of magicK & miracles…

Her creative journey as a human student & a teacher in this wonderful life has started the moment she took her first breath in 1976…

Yet only in 2011, after she learned to listen and tune into the Goddess within - first fruits were born.

But, she kept searching and burning in her fire, still…

Love sent her a very special, wonderful gift in 2003.

He came into her life to help her balance her energies and to co-create the wonders and miracles she knew had always been hers to experience in this lifetime…

She is forever grateful for and to her soul mate, the God to her Goddess, her partner in this magnificent life.

Joakim who had seen her talents even before she became fully conscious of them.

Joakim and I

Joakim and I

He saw them in her, the moment the Love brought them together in 2003.

Through their magicKal relationship she healed her wounds and he healed his wounds and now they truly embody the power couple that they were meant to be…


Lider, aka Lidziu, aka Gubbas or Gubbasito - Our Beloved Furry Kid

They were given another wonderful gift together, his name is Lider, a golden labrador who has truly been showing them what unconditional love and ever-present peace means…

He’s been with them since 2005…

(2020, March update - Lidziu went to heaven and is forever with us in Spirit. His passing was beautiful, we were together at home.

His lovely vet just helped him pass on from the sea of pain he felt especially in his last year on earth. Thank you beloved furry kid, our wonderful teacher.

We live forever in our hearts. We love you now & always 

We will see you later, xxx )

In time, Natalia tamed her fire and surrendered her ego to finally serve the higher purpose she’s got – the service to Love & Light, to Unconditional Love, to Oneness...

( Click here to READ more About Natalia's professional path).

To be the best of her ability, she has been living her magicK & miracles, teaching & inspiring others on their Journeys to the Goddesses and …Gods Within them, to their heaven on earth…

There you have it dear Friend xo

Will you believe in the power of love?

***UPDATE 2020
- I will once again continue with the story in 3rd person, I enjoy it:)

Me, myself and I - the multidimensional aspects of the oneness of me:)

Since the beginning of 2020 and from May on, an even deeper energetic shift has happened in her life and she’s made further inspired changes.

She met Sophia - "Mother Creatrix of All Life" via "The Sophia Code - a living transmission from the Dragon Tribe" as birthed into the world by the world renowned oracle Kaia Ra.

To discover more about that powerful living transmission of light & love directly from our Source Creatrix, please click here >>> HERE.

Natalia also dedicated herself to practise of "The Breath of Light 2.0" - the process brought to the world by a wonderful creator, "The Spellbreaker" Brian D.Ridgway, #1 bestselling author.

Brian has already assisted over 180.000 people in transforming their lives and more lives are being wonderfully impacted every day:)

He is in fact also one of the great creators published by Win Win Win Marketing's Publishing Department, Joakim & Natalia's enlightened business.

Through her dedication to the Breath of Light Process, Natalia has been given "the words".

The words came in the sounds of:
"Lovetarian" and "The Lovetarian Way".
They came as answers to Natalia's intentions and prayers to receive further "marching orders" from her Source, in co-creating her legacy of love in the world:)

"Lovetarians" are who we truly are in our Source essence.

To embody that essence as humans, to remember who we are is to live and co-create our Heaven on Earth.

"The Lovetarian Way" is a way of living based on unconditional love for self and all, practising the golden rule...

Natalia keeps embodying her Lovetarian vision and mission, manifesting new offerings into the world via The Lovetarian Way Movement which she birthed after her 44th birthday, in 2020!

For more updates on NataliaPH click >>> HERE.

Thank you for playing with me and allowing me to share with you.
I had a bit of multidimensional fun here.

I also created a little timeline below to illustrate my healing & co-creative journey with the Goddess, Divine Mother, Divine Feminine to the Lovetarian Way and all the manifestations along the way.

💖 The gifts from my heart, my Higher Self, My Light to Yours:)

Thank you
🙏 Namaste

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