The 4 Pillars of The Lovetarian Way & Mayan Astrology assisting us in co-creating Heaven on Earth

πŸŽ™οΈEmpower yourself with The 4 Pillars of The Lovetarian Way & Mayan Astrology assisting us in co-creating Heaven on Earth

⌚ Timestamps

0:00 - Intro

3:16 - Pillar 1 of The Lovetarian Way || Accept 100% responsibility for your life

5:57 - Pillar 2 of The Lovetarian Way || We are one

10:02 - Pillar 3 of The Lovetarian Way || Live as though everything is a miracle

10:51 - Pillar 4 of The Lovetarian Way || Embrace The Lovetarian nourishment 

13:01 - Chris Madden's journey into Mayan Astrology

18:06 - An invocation ceremony led by Chris Madden

24:06 - Difference between Western astrology and Mayan astrology

27:57 - How does Mayan Astrology help us co-create heaven on earth

31:56 - Is Mayan Astrology helpful for Chris's students

32:47 - Q&A - The impacts of astrology readings on your evolution and growth

34:38 - How to order Mayan embodiment from Chris Madden || What is the process?

42:42 - Q&A - Does Mayan astrology place more emphasis on glyphs or tones?

53:00 - Q&A - does the Road explain why I never feel settled and fit in 

55:27 - Chris Madden shares three golden nuggets for our viewers

59:08 - How to get in touch with Chris Madden

🌞 β€œSummer Conversations” Episode 3 with Chris Madden - Creator of Mayan Embodiment, Mayan Astrologist, A Gaian Emissary of Light, a Grid-worker in Hiroshima, Japan

🌟 Our guest Christopher Philip Madden, also known as Crispy Matters, is the father of two teenagers, an English teacher at Hiroshima University, a Mayan Astrologist, a Gaian Emissary of Light, and a grid-worker conducting healing ceremonies in Hiroshima.

Chris has first learnt about Mayan Calendar during his DJ-ing times in the Vancouver underground rave scene in the 90s.

He instantly understood the cosmic significance of the system, and began teaching it to others at booths at music festivals and in workshops.

In 2001 he met his sweetheart in Vancouver, a Japanese woman, and in 2003 they moved to Japan where Chris started teaching English. 

Marriage, children, and a full time job pushed the Maya to the background, but in 2017 he had a spiritual awakening, and they came back into his life en force.

Chris received a visual and visceral download while meditating of a totally unique way to see and experience the Mayan calendar, which became his Mayan Embodiment teachings.

His system is greatly enhanced by his interests in many other spiritual traditions, such as "The Sophia Code", "The Seat of the Soul", past life regression therapy, and "A Course in Miracles" along with other philosophical and healing approaches.

🌟 Chris is a Starseed, a Wayshower, a Lightworker, and a patriarchy overthrower.

His YouTube channel is filled with dozens of videos about these themes, and many videos have his own created electronic music, of which he has many albums.

Through Mayan Embodiment, he can help people become their highest and brightest versions of themselves, by learning what day they were born on the Divine Mayan Tzolk’een.

His system includes very precise shadow work, the Chakras, and a Karmic Contract Cancellation form that is totally unique on planet Earth.

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Youtube: Cartography of the Spirit


Let’s find out how the 4 Pillars of the Lovetarian Way & Chris’s offering can empower us in co-creating our Heaven on Earth realities!

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