Abundance Academy

Abundance Academy Free Class

"From Frustration To Fulfilment
– How To Create an Abundant Life Using The Algorithm Of Creation"

A Web Class from 2012 to assist you in manifesting your dreams. It is still very relevant & the wisdom is universal.

Free Class

Transform Your Life Free Class

"Discover how to Transform Your Life with the Lovetarian Way"

A Web Class from 2021 to guide you through on your journey of awakening.

I'll guide you through the Principles & the 4 Pillars of the Lovetarian Way as received from my Higher Self, my guides & ancestors.
I've been living and practising all that I teach through lifetimes and what a journey it's been!

Recently, I invited a group of awakening Goddesses from different corners of the world and many walks of life to implement this practical wisdom during a 19-week Workshop and what an amazing adventure we all had.

Now, I would like to invite you to tune in & have your Lovetarian experience.
Please prepare pen and paper, get a glass of water and get ready for a fantastic ride to co-create your Heaven on Earth!

1 on 1 Mentoring

1 on 1 Mentoring

If you are ready to up-level your life multidimensionally & co-create Your Heaven on Earth
- I am here to mentor & guide.
Working in the resonance of Heaven on Earth frequencies in alignment with my Higher self, my guides, ancestors and Ascended Masters I will assist you in tuning into the music of your heart, your Higher Self, to experience the blossoming into your highest potential, in abundance, in joy, in excellent health, co-creating your hearts' desires.

I am working with a very select number of people.
My life's mission and vision is to serve the collective awakening and the demand on my time is enormous, please get in touch, only if you truly are ready to commit.

If you are, please CLICK the button below to contact me and I will get back to you shortly.

Until then, tune into the beautiful offering I've been releasing over the years.
They will empower & inspire.

SOPHIA CIRCLE JOURNEYS® with “The Sophia Code”

Experience "The Sophia Code"

Awaken your Divinity & activate your highest potential with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters communicating with us through a living transmission of "The Sophia Code" as channeled by Kaia Ra.

I have the honour to serve as one of the Sisters & a Certified Facilitator in the Mystery School with "The Sophia Code" offering you an amazing opportunity to enter the sacred space and work with the Masters of Light.
We will receive powerful initiations, magicKal activations, experience immense, multidimensional healing, transmuting the darkness within us, transcending multigenerational suffering and traumas.

Chickpea Wraps

The Lovetarian Way Recipes

I created a collection of my favorite plant based recipes to nourish & delight your senses.
These are beautiful, whole foods plant based dishes which are very fun and easy to prepare.
Enjoy, share, comment:)

May they assist you in thriving in excellent health & abundant energy!

soul food

The Soul Food Newsletter

Broadcasting inspiration has always been my passion ever since I first begun in 2011.

If you'd like to receive your weekly dose of "Soul Food", get info about upcoming episodes of The Lovetarian Way Podcast, The Lovetarian Way Show, Live videos, and other empowering content, please click the button below.

Welcome To Lovetarian Way Community

The Lovetarian Way Community

The Lovetarian Way Facebook Community has been created in October 2020 at the conception of The Lovetarian Way Movement! We are now lighting up the world with almost 3000 Souls and forever expanding!

Please join us by clicking the button below.

The Lovetarian Way Memes

The Lovetarian Way Memes

I love to express the Lovetarian Way insights through imagery. I've been preparing 100s of memes and you are very welcome to share them anywhere you'd like.

Choose what you like by clicking on the button below or select from infinite amounts available in Photos section on my Social Media:
@NataliaPHLovetarian on Facebook & #Thelovetarianway on Instagram



This beautiful movement is solely funded by me and if you feel inspired to contribute, by all means any donations are welcome and super appreciated.

I am certain, I don't need to explain how much money is required to create and keep building the inspirational content presented here. 
Please follow your heart and contribute if this is your heart's desire.

Thank you, you can do so by clicking the button below.