Good Morning Beautiful 🌺

Today, I would love to talk to you about the MagicK of words and Why it is soooo important to set a tone for your day…

As you know, all is ENERGY…

Words, Thoughts, Feelings, Objects, Everything vibrates at its frequency in the quantum field of Mother Creatrix of All Life.

Some call her the Divine Matrix, the Infinite Field of Possibilities, Love, Source, God…

Whatever name you use, she is not attached, it is us who need to name and label and that is perfectly beautiful.

However what matters is that you feel & understand that all of it is ONE, Unconditional LOVE Energy…

When you do, then you can truly create your heaven on Earth in the here and now.

I call her – LOVE and I am a LOVETARIAN, living the LOVETARIAN WAY…

I chose to love everything and everyone unconditonally.

Just Some Snapshots from My Lovetarian Way Life

After struggling for decades with so much emotional, spiritual, mental & physical pain ( if you have been following my blog for a while – you read a thing or two. If not, just read MY LOVETARIAN WAY story ), I have chosen to just LOVE & surrender to the energy of the Mother Creatrix of All Life…

Simple, I chose trust & courage to take a leap and let go of judgment, constant battle with myself, attachment to my point of view, etc…

I chose to respect all life, I chose to live as Energy Being connected to everything and as such truly experience my co-creative powers…

So…without further ado.

Knowing and living on the Lovetarian way means practising LOVE for myself & all at all times.
Yes, it requires a conscious participation, however it becomes like breathing once you truly let your heart, your Higher Self, your Soul guide you.

It will never deceive you, it will never harm you, it only wants your highest good.

You know, when I say: “Let Thy Will Be Done, Let Miracles Follow Miracles and Wonders Follow Wonders”, there is such POWER in this surrender.

I am able to just let go, be guided & inspired by my Higher Self, Love & Light and it feel magicKal.

First my Ego might rebel against it. It is after all very much attached to the illusion of superiority and duality, but once you surrender it to your heart, it mellows and starts serving your highest good.

Test it and see how it feels for you. I must say, it is not a journey for the faint of heart, but it is worth it and it creates heaven on Earth for you and the world. It truly does…

The Lovetarian Way to start a day is simple.

You open your eyes, you say hello to yourself and you start feeling gratitude for everything.

I mean everything – all the blessings and all the lessons ( some call them mistakes, I call them lessons of growth:))

You do that, you drop your consciousness to your heart and you feel your heart. You take deep breaths into your heart and your body and let love and gratitude bless you…

Next I start thinking, feeling and speaking my affirmations. Do that.

With declarations aka affirmations I speak that which I wish to become, I am that I am🦋

The Lovetarian Way To Start Your Day
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I declare:

I am creating the life of my dreams🕊️

I live MagicK & Miracles🦋

I thrive in Health, Wealth & Happiness🕊️

I am guided, guarded, divinely protected🦋

I am love & light embodied🕊️

I prosper wherever I am🦋

My good comes to me from everywhere & everyone🕊️

I live my MagicK🦋

I am a Powerful, Sovereign Creatrix, guided & inspired by my Higher Self🕊️

Those are my morning prayers/affirmations/declarations & I give thanks for all that is, all that was, all that comes…

This is My Lovetarian Way to Start a Day:)

How do you set a tone for your day Angel?🦋

Why not to use above declarations to inspire the life of Your Dreams 🦋

Speak them, Think them, Feel them in your heart & Soul.
Believe You Can Live Your MagicK & Open Your Heart & Mind to the manifestations.

Listen when your intuition guides you to embark on the Inspired Action to bring them into your life & let them come…

Universe is ready to provide, will you allow it?

Have a wonderful Sunday Lovely.

Namaste, from my heart to yours XO


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