The Lovetarian Way Book Meets the Sophia Code & The Dragon Tribe

Dear Friend,

I have got to share the latest development on the book with you, as they are hands down – the most amazing, magical, miraculous in my entire life.
And, I have had a lot of magic & miracles in my life as you know:)

A friend of mine, the beautiful Niamh Asple, @Digital Yogini introduced me to the book which truly made an impact on her, titled “The Sophia Code – a living transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe”.

In all fairness, I thought it would be another lovely book I’ve been reading and as you can see from this picture, I treated it as such for a very short moment:)

Weekly Reading

However…right around the same time, a few days before in fact, on July 18th, I received the following vision.
First I was inspired to take a beach walk before the sunrise and as the sun was rising I was really drawn to stare as it came up behind the mountain. Again, nothing unusual about it, except that I just kept walking and something was pulling me to stop every few meters and observe, so I listened and kept talking pictures.

When I came home, I made this collage and what have I been shown?

Yup, the LIGHT DRAGON rising over the mountain top.

The Light Dragon

Again, since I’m born in the year of Fire Dragon – 1976, I figured it was a message as many messages I have received over the last 11 years – including the one saying: “You are a fire Dragon, balance your energies, not to burn in your own flames…”
I’ve been balancing and switching my flames on and off over the last 11 years and as the 44th year of my life came, I felt a VERY strong call to action. All the signs in Heaven and Earth have been shouting loudly that the time has come not to chicken out anymore and TRULY spread my wings.

On top of that, my entire temple – aka office – aka my space in the house is covered with butterflies which I have plastering all over the walls over the last good 2 years or so…. Go figure:)

Butterflies In My Temple

Once I saw the Dragon, I still didn’t put one and one together as I haven’t noticed the subtitle of the book when it arrived, only after the Dragon appeared I was drawn to look at it again and start reading it and…the rest is history!

It’s been 3 weeks in on my journey with the Sophia Code & The Dragon Tribe & Kaia Ra and I must say, my mind is blown. It has been gradually dropping into my heart more and more over the last few years and this sacred text had made it abundantly clear that the only road to heaven on Earth for us all is in and through the heart:)

I have been studying it, I have joined the 2020 Sedona Conference to Embody Your Sovereignty and I’m still going through replays now, getting more and more depth and insights!

This made me absolutely convinced I want to join and I am joining the Sophia Code Mystery School starting on August 19th to truly activate the Sovereign Power of my Higher Self and help all those who want do the same…

So, long story short, the Lovetarian Book has gotten a very, very profound inspiration for even more depth and I will write it for as long as it wants to be written, to create something really beautiful which can truly inspire those who want to love unconditionally, to live & create heaven on Earth for us all.

That’s the update from me Beautiful, stay tuned and observe this space.

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May you be showered with infinite blessings, much love, from my heart to yours, Namaste

NataliaPH xo


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