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🌟 Transform Your Life with The Lovetarian Way 🌟

Hello Beautiful, Spiritual Sister & Brother 🌺

🌟 Discover how to Transform Your Life with the Lovetarian Way.

I'll guide you through the Principles & the 4 Pillars of the Lovetarian Way as received from my Higher Self, my guides & ancestors.

I've been living and practising all that I teach through lifetimes and what a journey it's been!

Recently, I invited a group of awakening Goddesses from different corners of the world and many walks of life to implement this practical wisdom during a 19-week Workshop!

And what an amazing adventure we all had.

Now, I would like to invite you to tune in & have your Lovetarian experience.

Please prepare pen and paper, get a glass of water and get ready for a fantastic ride to co-create your Heaven on Earth!

🌟 With Love & Light, from my heart to yours, enjoy!

PS. If you feel inspired and would like to know more, please tune into other, empowering offerings of The Lovetarian Way


0:00 - Intro

4:30 - Explaining The journey on The Lovetarian Way

5:43 - How do we know this process will guide us to the journey of awakening

7:12 - The origin of β€œBlessings and liberation process”

8:30 - Misleading Early Childhood programming β€œBajki programming”

12:07 - The gift of conscious choice to awaken to your true self

14:40 - How NataliaPH remembered her true nature and the gift of conscious choice

18:07 - About NataliaPH's journey to the Lovetarian Way

22:00 - How Natalia’s awakening accelerated in 2020

25:50 - How NataliaPH discovered the Sophia Code 

28:15 - Further lessons that Natalia received from her higher self

30:06 - How All Energy is connected to All Energy (Energy Mirror effect)

33:19 - Natalia's role in guiding you in your quest for awakening

37:15 - The 4 Pillars of The Lovetarian Way

45:40 - The Pillar 1 of The Lovetarian Way (Accept 100% responsibility for your life)

50:15 - The Pillar 2 of The Lovetarian Way (Embrace the Golden Rule)

53:45 - The Pillar 3 of The Lovetarian Way (Embody Gratitude- Everything is a Miracle)

58:11 - The Pillar 4 of The Lovetarian Way (Embrace the Lovetarian Nourishment)

1:05:07 - The Algorithm of Co-Creation

1:11:16 - Why living the 4 Pillars matter?

1:15:15 - Your daily 15 minute practice session you can do every day

1:22:05 - Natalia's offering to transform your life

1:30:20 - Testimonials of The Lovetarian Way & How to join us