Good Morning Beautiful,

For quite some years now, I deeply believe that the only solution to our issues, problems, conflicts on micro and macro level is through unconditional love.

One Energy of Unconditional LOVE of Mother Creatrix of All Life unites us all no matter what.
All we need to do is heal ourselves at the deepest levels to truly and fully fall in love with ourselves.

When we do get to that degree of self love and self compassion, there is no other way but to embrace the Lovetarian Way and LOVE everything and everyone...All fears, blocks, self sabotage, programming are transformed and dissolved into and by unconditional love...

We are all so unique, there is nobody like you, there is nobody like me and if we all love ourselves, we can appreciate each other and cooperate instead of competing...

We can love each other unconditionally with respect & appreciation creating heaven on Earth

Can you see and feel that?

Love, truly is the only Win for All...

Will you start with yourself today dear Friend?

Much love & light from me to you 

Kaia Ra

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