Natalia Przybylska-Hansson (Natalia PH Lovetarian ) — A Spiritual Guide, Creatrix of The Lovetarian Way Movement, Podcast host, speaker, presenter, researcher and a passionate whole foods plant based lover, certified by eCornell in plant-based nutrition.
She is a certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner, a Sophia Circle Leader and has been facilitating the Sophia Circle Journeys with "The Sophia Code" to assist humanity and Mother Earth on her ascension journey. 

Since 2009, Natalia has been successfully helping people enjoy their lives, have great health, and live in wealth and happiness (to hear from some of her clients, please visit Testimonials section - click >>> HERE ).
Having overcome numerous challenges including over 20 year long eating disorder, health challenges, personal & professional hurdles she gained insights & wisdom which inspired her to create different programs including Mindset AcademyAbundance Academy, Your Journey to the Goddess Within, Love Yourself to Health, and her most recent one Transform Your Life with The Lovetarian Way. 

In 2017, Natalia realised that many people (including herself at the time) aren’t truly experiencing Unconditional Self Love. It struck her that the majority of people know and accept this concept yet they’re not living it — and that’s why they often feel stuck and frustrated. Since this realisation, she began developing tools and techniques that help people embody the power of Unconditional Self Love — based on her own experience.

During very deep meditations, in 2020, Natalia received a vision which led her to create The Lovetarian Way.
It’s a way of living driven by Unconditional Self Love, which gives people power, courage, and tools necessary to live their lives on their own terms, stand in their Sovereignty — without being self-sabotaging, frustrated, or unhappy.
She's been guiding people to thrive & prosper, co-creating their Heaven on Earth realities based on the 4 Pillars of the Lovetarian Way.

Natalia has also been working on the first, foundational book for The Lovetarian Way and building The Lovetarian Way Movement via her FREE Facebook Group - The Lovetarian Way, The Lovetarian Way Podcast, The Lovetarian Way Show on Spiritual Psychics TV.
She is also a partner & counsellor in Win Win Win Marketing consultancy working together with her husband Joakim.
This enlightened business has been evolving more and more into Win Win Win Solutions - a publishing house focusing on promoting the Lovetarian work of conscious Creatrices & Creators all over the globe!

💖 From our Hearts to Yours!
Team Win Win Win Solutions, The Lovetarian Way

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