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 The Lovetarian Way Movement & The 4 Pillars of The Lovetarian Way - June, 14th, 2022


Hello Beautiful 🌺

Welcome to the Lovetarian Way!
I'm NataliaPH and I am a Lovetarian.

The Creatrix of The Lovetarian Way Movement.

I am thrilled to welcome you to this space.

Please allow me to share the vision & the mission of The Lovetarian Way, as well as the guidance of The 4 Pillars.

The video above was recorded in the 11th year of my online presence, in June, 2022 to inaugurate the co-creation of The Lovetarian Way Website - the online hub of the Lovetarian Way Movement.

If you are further inspired to discover more, I've also shared the video below created at the conception of the Lovetarian Way Movement in 2020 and I described more of the Lovetarian Way insights below the videos.

May it empower & inspire you to embody Your Unique MagicK, stand in Your Sovereign Power & co-create Your Heaven on Earth.
And so it is,

💖 From My Heart to Yours

This video has been recorded at the conception of The Lovetarian Way Movement, in October, 2020.

If you'd like tune in and see how the movement has already evolved over the last 2 years, please do:)

The Lovetarian Way…

For the longest time, I’ve known that my purpose was to help build a legacy of love and light on our wonderful Mother Earth.

To download, anchor, birth more of the heavenly frequencies which are available to all of us, if we choose to manifest them, embody them.

In 2017, I was deeply inspired by the energy of the Goddess, aka the Divine Feminine and things had accelerated for me even further.

I’ve opened myself to that energy and truly focused on embracing much more heart based living.

Previously, I’ve been “trying” to think my way through feelings a lot.

And even though I had some amazing moments of enlightenment, I hadn't been able to truly let go and surrender, committing to doing "the work" daily…

By "work", I mean - heart based living…

Having been brought up in a mentality of:

  • “How is the fight ( read: life ) going?”
  • “We must struggle and fight to achieve”
  • “We must compete against one another:, etc…"

It hasn't been that easy to switch.

Also being a feisty person by nature ( born as an Aries, in the year of a Fiery Dragon:)), it was that much more - shall we say - challenging to fully embrace a heart based existence.

So, over the years, as I’ve been awakening deeper and deeper, there was this constant struggle between my mind and my heart.

In 2009 I got the most beautiful, enlightening vision when I saw Angels showering me with Infinite abundance as I was levitating and seeing green, luscious fields, pyramids of gold that were never ending and I heard voices whispering: 

“When you are in balance, we shower you with Infinite abundance”...

I depicted it in a little computer graphic then, have a look below…


Originally I placed a human figure in the centre representing me, but around 2017 when this intense energy of the Goddess inspired me (actually now I call her - the Divine Mother), I put myself in the center of the picture.

And even though it was a symbolic gesture, it actually represented the huge shift that happened to me, FOR me.

As I truly started to embody self love more and more and put myself in the center of my universe, I balanced my being by embracing more and more of the heart energies, life started to become more MagicKal and miraculous for me.

I also made this picture and hung the copy all over the house.

magic and miracles

At the time I spelled the word: “M-a-g-i-c”, but shortly after, I was inspired to add: "K"-“MagicK” instead, as the transformation has become even more profound and deep for me...

“Magic” represents more of “pull bunny out of the hat” experience as opposed to the truly powerful MagicK of one’s transformation...

I’ve been embodying the magicK and the miracle of UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE and my life has mirrored that abundantly.

When I put my picture at the center of that vision, I became IT even more, or maybe even a better way of saying it, would be…

I was very INSPIRED to put my picture in the middle as I felt that I was truly ready to stand in my power.

To take full responsibility for my transformation, loving myself as the Divine Mother loves us ALL - fully, totally and UNCONDITIONALLY...

Long gone are the days when I would think that my power lied in the factors outside of myself…

I have been becoming more and more powerful by taking 100% responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, words and actions…

And... when I turned 44, in 2020, in the 11th year of my transformation, I’ve received my word and the vision of - “The Lovetarian Way”

In short, I was one with the field of our Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life and ALL was love…

I was loved, I loved, I embodied love, I felt like I returned home and nothing has been the same since.

Here is a short clip from one of my teaching videos which will hopefully help you see what has happened to me, FOR me:

Ever since then, my inspired passion for guiding people to and through heart based living has been super charged and my vision has become very clear.

I’ve always felt, ever since I was a kid that I was to leave a legacy of love and light, now I had a very specific vision with a name attached to it…

And...on that note...

Since we do create with the power of LOVE, LIGHT & The WORD, when I got my word, the light and the love just multiplied even further and now I had a very specific “goal” to focus on.

And that is, my beautiful friend - building the Lovetarian Way Movement aka Empire of Love & Light, Heaven on Earth!

Lifting the world UP from the darkness which seems to get slightly too comfy in some hearts of our Brothers and Sisters who kinda forgot that we all come from the Divine Mother and we are ALL One…

And, we are ALL to Love, Respect and Honor each other, Mother Earth and All her children…

I hold no grudges, I call them the “Darkies”, we are all ONE energy of the Divine Mother and they just seem not to have awakened yet…

None of us has any clue what these beings had gone through, where they come from, how they were programmed, so I send them love and light as my heart fills with compassion for them…

They are after all, a part of Me, as You are a part of Me and as we ALL are a part of our Divine Mother Creatrix… 

So, Stop hating them if you do, Stop feeding the field of Fear, that’s what the Darkies want…

Why help them?
No, no, my Beautiful Friend:)

Send love and light, and Lighten the path for the “Darkies”, EMBODY the Lovetarian Way…
Talk the talk and walk the walk:)

This is the hardest part really, to love them UNconditionally while you do your thing:)

Hey, in this day and age, we all know that the energy of LOVE and LIGHT has the ULTIMATE POWER to transform it ALL into LOVE, a beautiful Heaven on Earth…

We DO need to do the work though:)


Remember what John Lennon wrote: 

“It matters not who you love, where you love, 

why you love, when you love or how you love, 

it matters only that you love”

He felt it, as did Jesus, as did Ghandi, as did Buddha, as did Martin Luther King Jr., as did many, many, countless others…

And...the best part is, NOBODY needs to die or get shot anymore in the name of love, the chances of us getting killed for Embodying Love are slim to none….

So, Dare to Embody Love, Dare to Shine Your Light my Beautiful Friend:)

There need NOT to be hate, there need NOT to competition, there need NOT to be atrocities and horrible things we do to each other, Mother Earth and her animal children. 

All of that is the thing of the past, the 3D mentality is really way overdue and we are way, way, way on our way to transcend it and step into 5D, the Golden Age of Miracles, Heaven on Earth…


Now...Allow me to share the guidance of:

The 4 Pillars of the Lovetarian Way to help us deepen our work and embody Unconditional Love even further...

The Four Pillars

PILLAR 1 - Accepting 100% Responsibility 

We are all co-creators of our lives, and are fully responsible for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. 

We can CHOOSE to live & co-create heaven on Earth, or we can choose to co-create Hell on Earth. 

It all comes down to our individual choices…

Pillar 1 guides us to be mindful of the energies we exude and energies we take in, we can choose to radiate the Lovetarian Way or...the other way:)

The result aka our life will be quite different, depending on the path we choose...

To go deeper into the Pillars, please tune into the FREE Class - "Transform Your Life with the Lovetarian Way".

Not only will I guide you on your journey with the Pillars, I will also share more empowering tools to help you co-create Your Heaven on Earth.

Click HERE to watch the FREE class.

PILLAR 2 - The Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

We are all One, beautiful energy of love and light and if we all do live by that rule, the violence, the darkness, atrocities, competition.

They will all transcend into the light & love of the Lovetarian Way…

I’ve been practising myself for years and I see the evidence every day.

I am You, you are Me, we are ONE...

If we look at one another from that Energetic perspective, peace, harmony, abundance shall reign forever after, we will all thrive & prosper.

PILLAR 3 - Everything is a Miracle

This connects directly to the Pillar 1 where we choose to accept responsibility for our thoughts.

And we will CHOOSE to see everything as a gift, as a miracle. 

We choose to align with the Energy of Love & Light and it will help us understand that LIFE happens FOR us, NOT against us. 

ALL experiences offer a gift and are a miracle - ONLY IF we choose to see them this way.

Mr Einstein said it so well:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I know what I have chosen and I am encouraging you to do the same.

You were given a gift of free, Sovereign will and at any moment, you can choose to do so...

PILLAR 4 - Embrace the Lovetarian Nourishment

The Primary form of nourishment for our Body Temple is...


Breath of life, breath that animates our Being, breath that nourishes us, breath that is a miracle of our existence...

We forgot how to breathe correctly, to accommodate the Spirit, the Chi, the Prana, in our body temples, to resource from our Light, our Higher Self.

Over eons, we started to breath unconsciously.

And now it is time to get present, drop our awareness into our bodies and nourish the Temple of our beautiful Souls with conscious breaths...

Please tune into the free class - "Transform Your Life with the Lovetarian Way" to receive further guidance on how to breathe consciously.

Further guidance of the 4th Pillar of the The Lovetarian Way to nourish our Body Temple just keeps coming.

And here are some beautiful, nourishing inspirations I am guided to practice:

💧 Drinking clean, fresh water

💕 Embodying Love based feelings, thoughts, words, deeds - gratitude, joy, laughter, emotional release in a healthy way

🎶 Highly vibrational music, chanting, singing

🍊 Fresh, organic food

🌳 Connection with nature & Mamma Earth

🧘 Healthy movement however you love to move, exercise, dance, swim, yoga, whatever makes the energy flow

☀️ Sun salutations

🌕 Moon rituals

🌎 Body work - tapping, acupuncture, massage, acupressure, energy medicine, grounding

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Connection with other Beings ready to ascend 

Below are some of my favorite Beings, I love to connect with:)

And that is also why I have chosen to stop eating my Animal Brothers & Sisters.

I am predominantly plant based now. On occasion my body still needs pescatarian energies.

However how you will choose to nourish your body is absolutely up to you.

It is my prayer that all Beings of our Mother Earth thrive & prosper:)


sweety dog

This is my Furry Kid - Lider, with Angels now since March 2020.
His Spirit is very much in our hearts:)

Don't eat animals!

Ok, that’s it, the summary of the 4 Pillars…

Please tune into another video I made for you about -

The Lovetarian Way Movement and its offerings from my Heart to Yours.

I will see you there

Ps. Click HERE to view the Lovetarian Way Movement video