Rachel Rafieter, Scottish living in Spain, Intuitive Coach, Pilates Instructor & Dancer

"Natalia has a great gift for inspiring you and motivating you so I'd definitely recommend her coaching. She walks the talk and is a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm and gets you right on track whatever that is for you. Don't hesitate sign up with her today. It's a sound investment in the real you."

Maddie Storm, Danish living in Spain, Healer & Teacher

"Natalia has an huge knowledge when it comes to a healthy living and very useful tools to make sure you reach your goals. She is enthusiastic and empathetic and you are in the very best hands if you want to live healthy, loose weight and raise your energy. 
I recommend her with all my heart. "

Korven Griffin, Scottish living in Spain, Paramedic & Nurse

"A truly outstanding individual who is grounded in so many aspects of life and a boundless energy to take you to new heights you never thought possible in yourself. "

Wendy Williams, UK, Businesswoman

"Natalia is so enthusiastic about helping people to be more healthy , she is helpful and encouraging for those of us who have struggled for years to lose weight and be healthier. I never thought I would EVER be able to give up coffee, but I now don't miss it at all. From drinking alcohol almost every day I am now a maybe 2 or 3 times a month drinker."

Margaret Van Wyk - In your words, “With Love and Light”, South Africa

When one is inspired enough to put gratitude to paper, without knowing what may flow from the series of words I have for you, then one can only rest assured that, that which you have learnt, has no doubt been a life lesson.

By no stretch of imagination, I have been a source of “support” to many people whom have crossed my path, both on a personal and professional level for years, but you have taught me in a very short time that, irrespective of experience, everyone needs coaching.

You have the uncanny ability to change one’s mindset, so much so, that success becomes an automatic reflex. Your incredible zest and appreciation for life and nature, gives you the enormous capacity to instil confidence back to “the self” and it is truly remarkable how you can redirect unhappiness and uncertainty by helping people find the passion to meet their inner strength and goals.

You are a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and may I add with a great sense of humour and the biggest heart – paired with insightfulness, gentleness, compassion - but yet firm in guidance.  Together, all these characteristics make for the phenomenal Life Coach that you are.

After all is said and not yet completely done, I certainly am hard pressed not to realize my full potential and gain clarity on my purpose for life and my own goals and dreams.

A magnitude of words escapes me as I tried to put into one note of THANK YOU, for your coaching has not only helped me, but my son Josh as well. He is only 8 years old, yet during his stay in hospital, he looked forward to his “daily dose of Natalia” and even quoted you in “believing in your heart” to assist him on his road to recovery. For this, and all that is to come......We Thank You dear friend, coach and confidante.

I have no reservation in recommending you as the “Phenomenal Life Coach”, as I am convinced that many more out there, needs your expertise to assist them in Realizing their Dreams.

Mariusz, With Love, Poland - www.pokonaj-strach.pl

Few months ago words such as success and financial freedom, reaching your goals meant something completely different to me then they do today. All of that seemed beyond my reach before, they were distant somewhere in dreamland.

It did change thanks to starting cooperation with Natalia. I was doubtful at first, where would it lead me I thought, would it bring expected results?

Now looking back I can tell you honestly, that knowledge, experience that Natalia has is worth any price. Applying knowledge and priceless advice given by her increased my energy and quality of life. There is no such thing as impossible, especially if you have such coach as Natalia.

Thank You!

Ms Cole E. Donaldson, South Africa

It is with a tremendous sense of pleasure that I recommend my friend, Natalia, in the role as life coach to many, for numerous reasons.

Firstly her passion for people,  which; is only surpassed by her sheer passion for life; and evidenced in her enthusiasm  flowing through all interactions and her honest desire for people to live full, greatly improved, and abundant lives.  This, Natalia does through on-going contact daily, with careful consideration given to the individuals circumstances. Natalia has much life experience and is able to utilize this to meet people, from different walks of life, at their level of understanding and provide bold, yet vital ideas that challenge limiting preconceptions about life and offers up the contagious notion of unlimited possibilities pertaining to all people in a practical manner. Natalia communicates so effectively, even in language that is not native to her, and her love and light radiate consistently. You would be well blessed to have Natalia provide input into your life.

Mrs. Narmina Seyfullayeva, Baku, Azerbaijan

I consider it an honour to recommend my friend, Natalia, in the role as life coach to all of you. What are the role and duties of the life coach up to me?

First of all it requires of a person to possess such qualities as a rich inner world, strong personality, true belief in solid reasons of all beginnings, success orientability, charisma and persuasion ability.

My dearest friend Natalia has all these and even much more.   Her passion for life, optimistic mood and desire to help coming from the true heart helped me in absolutely desperate situations of my life. If I could compare Natalia with an inanimate object, I would say she is like a huge and mighty charger - talk to her just for 5 minutes, and you will feel yourself as strong as you have never been before. And if I could compare her with a natural phenomenon – for me Natalia is a bright sunbeam, that throws her light upon me to expose my best qualities, my strong sides, to reveal the problems hidden deeply inside my heart and give me enough power and courage to solve them.

She is always open to listen to her friends, give them all possible support, new ideas, love and warmth of her incredible heart.  She is so social, active, brilliant and smart, so open for each new day challenges, so confident of success and her principles that I may say – if one day You decide to change your life for the best and you feel having a potential for self realization– don’t hesitate to get Natalia as a coach of your life to snatch your chance and see – what dreams may come.

Trudie Vermaak, South Africa

It is really a great privilege for me to recommend Natalia as a Life Coach.

From when I 1st made contact with this amazing lady I was blown over by her zest for life, her abundant energy and most of all, her sincere interest in people.  I was amazed that someone with such a busy schedule could actually take so much time out to talk to me, listen to me and give me the advice I needed.  Her enthusiasm and passion for life is incredibly contagious, and from what I have experienced this far, she gets her greatest thrill when she can inspire others to tap into the same passion.  She gets equally excited about the bigger things in life as she does with the small things, for her life is for living and living it to the full.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life and I know our friendship will last a lifetime.

Alona, Norway

Nathalie is a great coach in personal development. She speaks from the heart and loves what she does.
When I talk to her and listen to her webinars, I get such a good feeling. Everything she teaches and says is so important to know for each person. I love the way she teaches.
Natalie is a strong and cheerful person, and has a long experience of life.
I'm excited about every email I get from her, it is equally instructive and exciting to read every time. I get such a bubbly feel 'in me, it makes the day so good, especially when some days are not as good:)

I have no doubt that she can teach anyone who wants to be an equally wonderful person as she is. Whatever purpose you have to learn.
I like everything she stands for and coach.

Torben Thoger, Danish living in Spain, Filmaker & Music Composer

"When it comes to both mental and physical wellness and health Natalia is on top of everything. She is enthusiastic and energetic throughout your sessions with her. Without a waver whatsoever. Natalia has an incredible amount of knowledge and her intuition is highly developed. She is an expert and is extremely professional in her field."

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