New Year’s Resolutions Series 2.1.

Good Morning Friends:)

Very, very busy end of the year, exciting, challenging, full of surprising twists and turns:) I was to continue yesterday with the blog post explaining the process of creation and then I had some real creating to do out of this forum:) so bear with me all in due time:)

To quote one of the spiritual laws of success, “I accept things the way they are, as they are exactly what I’m ready for”, I do what I need to do, to be and have what I want, isnt it a beautiful philosophy of life? Letting go of what you can’t change or control, allowing God/Universe to take over what you have no influence on, surrendering stuff that may seem too strange, or too complicated and focusing with laser like attention on those things that you can change and dive into inspired action? Instead of fighting with circumstances, resisting change, just accepting what is, letting it be.

Don’t confuse it with weakness, as it’s a real sign of strenght to understand what are the things you can influence and what are not, and certainely controling other people one can not, the free will is something we are all given and therefore people always have a choice and can make their own decissions.

For 2012 your task is pretty simple, to master your own emotions and thoughts and when they no longer have a way with you without your consent – you have become the master of your being, and your entire life in the outside world will be transformed.

To be continued with the Process of Creation, so that Your New Year’s Resolutions Can Really Be Fulfilled as when you master the most powerful law of this Universe, you will be able to move mountains. And yes, its the law of attraction, that i’m talking about, it’s as undeniable as Gravity or Electricity, and once you know how it works, you will be able to consciously create your reality and truly enjoy you life. In the first of these posts I mentioned the beginning of creating when you need to decide what you want, have the clarity of intention, Ego out of the way and you are on your way, this post is to be continued in the afternoon, for now, a beautiful picture with New Year’s Resolutions, it gives you a picture of how to let go and let God/Universe help you have a wonderful life…

With Love and Light



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