For You My Dear Friend – Magzz I Love You:)

Hi guys:)

I have just came back from running quite a few errands, that can, if you let them, disturb one’s peace, however I mastered my emotions to the point where I can really compose myself and take upon many challenges in life:) I recommend it, it’s fantastic:) LOL

But that’s not why I’m writing, I just wanted to quickly praise my friend, Magzzz, she is the most amazing creature I came to contact with, ok, there is a handful of my dearest friends, but you know people, that each and every one of you is very unique and is absolutely irreplacebale, there is only one like you:)

Nevertheless during last few months, I have developed most amazing relationship with this wonder of a creature from South Africa, Margaret:) she is smart, witty, beautiful and so funny:) you can definately say I met a soul mate, we understand each other without words and even though we are 1000sss of kilometers apart, we feel one another:) It is the most amazing feeling, even my husband is in awe at our sync at times:)

I came to connect with her via Facebook, so yes, real relationships and friendships can be developed thru social networking ( FYI I met my husband via hotmail messanger, really, and we are married 5 years this year and been together for 8, the best marriage you could imagine:)) and it’s as fantastic as meeting people in real life, in fact I noticed, that people get to open up even more when online and in chatrooms:) Of course, it leaves certain % of funny, creative and not exactly honest people, but hey, who cares, let’;s focus here on task at hand:)

And that is praising my friend:)

So for you my dear, a little card below and you keep on inspiring me, you keep me at awe how beautiful and lit your heart is, I wish you the most beautiful day and certainly the best year of your life:) I know 2012 is yours:)

With Love and Oh So Much Light,

I love you girl,



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