New Year’s Resolutions Series 1

Hi guys:)

Christmas celebration behind us and New Year’s ahead, I was spending some time with friends yesterday ( here is the youngest there:)) and we had a nice talk about new year’s resolutions:)

What are your resolutions? Are you the kind of person that keeps on making them and rarely gets them done or not? I think we have all made them and many were not kept…

The most amazing thing about dreams and goals is the process of creating them, isn’t it? Think about it, so many times, I’m sure, you have achieved what you set out to do and wasn’t the journey what was so exciting? Did you notice that once you achieve one thing, you start launching new desires and you have the feeling of wanting more…

I don’t know how it’s in your case, but after years of research and exploration, I can honestly say, that the travel to realizing my goals accompanied by the strong believe in their fulfillment.has always been the most fascinating experience for me.

There were times when I was so focused on end result, the date, the schedules and I was often getting frustrated when I didn’t achieve desired result on time, until one moment it dawned on me, that it wasn’t really about the attachment to the actual result, but about the journey and I found, that when I let go of things that I couldn’t control and let the universe deliver what I asked for when I was ready for it, the doors of endless possibilities opened wide for me.

With year’s end approaching, I would love to share with you the findings that come not only from my own experience but of many others, this knowledge is known for thousands of years and is being passed on from generation to generation in this form or another.

Many people know about it, many people touched on the subject, yet it might not have been the right time for them, or rather they might not have been ready to receive this knowledge at the time, for it is a funny thing as my friend says, once you acquire certain knowledge you need to do something about it, true, once you know something or about something it’s there in your consciousness and either willingly or not it’s being processed by your mind. I found about the way this universe works very early in my life, when I was a small kid already, but I wasn’t able to fully grasp it at the time and I was maturing, alligning to understand it.

I want to help you understand why you manifest certain things and others not and how to receive and realize your goals and dreams. The process of creation is really very simple in fact, as a matter of fact it is so basic that human mind often needs to make it sooooo complicated, but that is our nature, our Ego just loves to take over sometimes and stir things up for us:) Its needs of control, security, approval, separation are so demanding at times, that we completely forget, that we are not it in fact, identification with Ego is a huge challenge for people, but once you understand, that you are not that little monkey in your head, that you are infinite, magnificent being, than you get to create whatever you desire.

You can go back to my older posts and I talk about it sometimes how to silence that voice in our head ( there are several ways:)) we each can find our own methods, just remember one thing, which is the most important in all this, that YOU ARE NOT your Ego, once you get it and become an observer of that voice as oppose to the voice itself, you get to unleash all your power. You will start having fun, listening to that voice, you will start noticing when it talks to you and I promise you, you will even be able to tell it to shut up when it annoy you:) To come to that point in your life, when you distinguish between You and It, is the most enlighting moment of your life, then you get to realize your Might and the journey really begins:)

Now – the process of creation:) Today I’ll start explaining it and I will continue for next several days:), so that you get it by 31st:) so that you can write your resolutions and launch your desires into 2012:) BTW, take part in one of my webinars, then you get to ask live questions if you’d like:)

Alright – First off to manifest your dreams and desires you need to know what it is that you want – duhhh:) You heard this 1000s times I’m sure:)

What you might not have considered before though was that you keep on sabotaging your wants by your thinking, talking and vibrating certain way.

It’s pretty simple really. Think about it – you say, write, mean: “I want to make more money” OK, goal set then you might add “by end of January 2012” ok, and here you entrapped yourself without probably even realizing it.

I kept on doing the same over and again – why? Well, mainly because I have read and studied so many books about goal setting and they all talked about putting end date on them, making them in present tense, and so on. Yet I wasn’t really manifesting all that much and certainly often not in that time frame I set, and that’s when I decided to dig into some more research and understand how to do it without forcing it.

The clarity of intention is key – you know what you want period. Be very clear about it and what you need to understand is that you need to cancel all negativity and contradicting thoughts about it – if your intention was to make more money then great and if that’s what you really want you need to focus on exactly that, you must not enter any thoughts that are contradicitve, you must not sabotage yourself by thinking thoughts such as “I want to make more money, BECAUSE I HAVE LITTLE”  do you understand where i’m getting at with that? in first part you state your intention and you ask the universe to deliver you ways of doing it, send you people, circumstances, opportunities, you almost got it and then bummm! you are turning back by saying I HAVE LITTLE or I DONT HAVE ENOUGH!:)

That is the problem most people face, they want something and they ask for it, but they are not pleased and happy with their current reality, so they keep on complaining and every time they do, they repeal theirs dreams from manifesting, the gratitude, acceptance, coming to peace with what is and looking forward to what’s coming, that is the name of the game:) Once you fully understand that, your world will start changing, so let’s sum up today’s post.

Define what it is that you want, do not sabotage your manifestation by counter thoughts, loose the attachement to the end result, let go, let the universe work and be grateful for your current situation, say “Everything is exactly the way it should, i feel great, I love my life, and it would be wonderful to make more money next year” this way you are launching your desire, yet you are not opposing it’s fulfillment by being unhappy or attached to it and you are allowing its manifestation.

Ok, guys to be continued, geeeeeezzzz, it’s 7 a.m. I need a nap:) I just love being self employed, I get to choose when to do what and how to do it, wow, loving my life:) I actually made a little video about making a living you can find it on my blog or page.

I wish you a beautiful, fruitful, happy day and I’m going to have a little nap now:)

With Love and Light






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