January 19th, 2019

Dear Friend,

I felt deeply inspired ( in fact I’ve been gently prompted to get out of my very warm bed:)), to write to you.

“Pain in inevitable, suffering in optional”…

As you might know I had struggled with bulimia for over 2 decades and there had been an enormous amount of suffering.

Then, one day, sometimes in 2011 inspired thought started to come whispering that it was NOT real…

Well, let me tell you – bulimia felt very real to me. It was my bestie!

My bestie that I could always go to, to get comfort from, to bitch and moan to:) She would be there – always.

Any issue, any problem, any unfulfilled desire – she would get it, she would get me.

And sure enough, she was there for me to give me a sense of control, to give me some comfort, an illusion of peace. In essence she gave me what I needed at that time in my life.

I’m eternally grateful to my friend, she taught me a lot and she was a powerful teacher.

That thought that kept coming and told me that she wasn’t real, really hit me deeply.

I mean, inspiration telling me she wasn’t real – I didn’t like that very much. Yet, at the same time I felt this incredible surge of empowerment. It felt like maybe I could be FREE at last. For as much as I loved my friend, I was beginning to be really tired of that relationship to be honest.

Goddess, if you have ever had a friend who is always there for you, but you feel this relationship became very toxic and truly painful (even though you love it), such a thought would be empowering.

In 2011 sometime, the seed within me was planted, I needed to let her go, it was time.

Yes, it would be painful, but I didn’t need to suffer anymore and have her pat me on my shoulder in the process.

I started to feel powerful and not so empty inside anymore…

There was a new sense of something ready to be born.

Goddess, I want you to know that this thought coming over me, made me feel better than I felt for years and somehow I felt that maybe – I wouldn’t need to reach for food in such a ferocious manner anymore. Maybe, I could just tune into myself and let those feelings be, making me feel what I needed to feel and start to heal…

I felt I was ready and if you feel like you are ready to let your toxic “friends” go and liberate yourself, I believe I can guide you to that place where you don’t need them anymore and be self reliant, powerful, gorgeous Goddess that you are.

To the place where you can shine your light and own your power…

Let me know xo

I love You,


From One Goddess to Another by NataliaPH

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