February 1st, 2018

It’s been almost 2 years since I announced that I am implementing all that I have been teaching into the creation of my own OFFline business and well:) it went great.

My film production company – UPNOW Costa Blanca in partnership with a Danish film maker & composer – Torben Thoger has been a great success.

We have been making documentary style films and in February 2018 as I’m writing this, we are on our 20th film in the “Costa Blanca – a place to live and visit” series…

So, this is the update on how my plan went. If you are new to this, here is the article from 2016 when I announced – the pause in NataliaPH activities.

Implementing the Spiritual Laws to Create a Business…

Now, in 2018 I have an opportunity to refocus on my the coaching I have been passionately practising since roughly 2009. Those of you who have been with me since the beginning of this blog – 2009 know that after Mindset-Academy & Abundance-Academy, there was a shift to mainly health coaching and LoveYourSelfToHealth.Info came to be.

Now, I would like to invite you to take a journey with us to truly transforming your health in 2018 and beyond.

Below is the article I have recently published on LoveYourselfToHealth.Info and I would love for you to join us and get great health benefit and if you want to lose some weight or gain muscles – this is for you…

Please read the below. Thank you and to Your BEST Health!

Much love, NataliaPH


Kick-Start Your Health, Lose Weight and Reset Your Metabolism with a 14-day Superfood Transformation Cleanse!


How about transforming your health in 2018?


If you are ready to start YOUR TRANSFORMATION, send me an email to: nataliaphcoaching@gmail.com or read the full article below…


You’ll Reset and Kick Start Your Metabolism, Detox Your Body on a Cellular Level to release toxins, reset your “skinny hormone” production (adiponectin), burn fat, gain muscles without exercise (unless you want to), END “yo-yo” effect once and for all, stop cravings and break your sugar addiction!

Join us on February 20th for a 14-day Superfood Group Cleanse and release all the “goodies” and toxins you accumulated over the holidays to jump into Spring FRESH!

If you want to lose weight, you can expect to lose between 3-10 kg (6-20 Lbs) of ACTUAL FAT without losing your muscles! (We cannot legally guarantee results, but most people lose 3-10 kg, ourselves included).

You will:
– End cravings
– Break your sugar addiction once and for all
– Burn fat and gain muscles without exercise
– Reset your “skinny hormone” so you’ll NEVER “yo-yo” again
– Release toxins on a cellular level
– Regain vital energy and get excited about life

Who are we, the organizers of this Superfood Group Cleanse?
We are Natalia and Joakim, Polish-Swedish couple living under the Spanish sun on the beautiful Costa Blanca. We work with media, marketing, life & business coaching.

We are natural food lovers and are passionate about plant-based foods. We are also the founders of LoveYourSelfToHealth.Info and Transform Your Health With Superfoods Facebook group.

Natalia is the creator of Mindset Academy and Abundance Academy, the online coaching courses as well as the author of a series of booklet on superfoods.
The 1st one in the series about Coconut Oil, is your welcome present when you join our free newsletter (just look to your left and find the box asking you to join).

For a year and a half, we slipped from the 95% all organic, plant-based nutrition to a mainstream, “goodies”- filled, restaurant lifestyle. In consequence, Joakim gained 30 kgs! (66 lbs!) and I welcomed 12 kg (26 lbs😊). All of this while “wining and dining” and enjoying the good life on the Costa Blanca. We MUCH appreciate the delicious food & the wonderful restaurants we have here, we just lost balance and ate WAY too much:) Call us former gluttons:)

In October 2017 we decided that enough was enough and we wanted to claim our best health and our ideal weight. On November 1st we chose to go back to the healthier READ MORE at: LoveYourselftoHealth.Info

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