Happy Relationships….

Good Day Everyone,

Second Day of Christmas, Boxing Day, Day of Goodwill there are different names for today and certainly different way of celebrating it. In Poland it is still a holiday, time to spend with the family and relax. We have guests or visit others that’s pretty much how it goes. And that brings me to the subject of Relationships.

Many people often ask themselves “how can I work on myself when others need me or have expectations of me.”

Well, to make this long story short, let me just say, that if you are not happy Yourself you will not be able to create a fulfilling, happy, stimulating relationship.

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flower” as Veronica A Shoffstall once wrote. Your power is to be discovered within you and while you are doing it, not to get disturbed by others who may not at all be ready for such self improvement (as the key to success is to really focus on what you need to do) you need to only talk to them about it when they really want to and try not to convince anyone about it, as that may only disturb your progress.

And Believe me, once you are there, when you are at peace, harmony with yourself, you will radiate such joy and unconditional love, that others will be drawn to you and you will attract people who think, are and want to be alike. Again, your job is to focus on becoming well, and others will follow, often people confuse this with being egoistic and selfish. Well, let me put it this way, when you are on the plane and before it takes off the flight attendant announces that in case of emergency you are to put oxygen mask on Yourself first and then assist your children or others, right?

What is that, if not empowering yourself first, so that you can be of service to others, isn’t it? You need to get a proper perspective on this subject and your life will magically transform. Your duty is one and one only – get well, get happy and you will create an amazing world around you and your relationships are going to be wonderful, you will never, ever have unhappy union with anyone, as at the core of any relationship that you want is the one You have with You.

For more on this topic I want to encourage you to take part in my webinar tomorrow evening “Wake up to the Genius You Are” and let’s get into it in depth.

Enjoy your day, I certainly will, in fact we are going to see some great friends and have some more fantastic Christmas food:) Oh, these days I have certainly been applying an extra portion of “Zumba” to help that food settle in:) I love these dancing exercises, I so recommend it, it’s energizing, fun and really, really makes you want to shake your butt like you never did before, LOL:)

Ok, with Love and Light, wishing you a magical day!:)



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