Wonderful Process of Co Creating:)

Good early afternoon everyone! 

Wow, what a day! I’m telling you, once you set yourself in that receiving mode, it doesn’t matter where you are, what your current life situation is, you are just happy anticipating in pure joy and it feels like magic:)

It’s foggy today, true november weather, greyish, darkish and rather cold:) but my heart is filled with such certainty and such joy, it’s surreal:) Why……oh, I’m in the vortex:) Words are flying out of me, good feelings are warming my whole body, it’s extatic:) Wanna find that place for yourself? Oh, yes you can, everyone can, all it takes is one decission and you’re on your way. Something happened to me a while ago and I haven’t really written about it yet, but clearly everything is connected and from a perspective of last few months, it all comes and presents itself to me, as one, clear picture.

When I first felt the need to create this blog, I was a bit hesistant, i thought who would want to read about this:) then, as time went by more and more people started showing in my environment, in my space, that actually did want to and were very interested and as tuned in as I was. I decided to embark on this really exciting journey of spiritual expansion a long time ago, but kept on deraying and stepping off that path many time. This year though so many things happened to me, to test me, things on the verge of hell ( of my own creation of course:):), and if it wasn’t for them, i’d probably step off that path again ( human nature, oh, how wicked we are:):) Ok, but I stayed on and digged deeper and deeper, finding answer after answer and recently things started accelarating with the speed of light.

Now, I know the answer to that, it’s what the source calls “the next logical step”:). Some of you, who are not ready to step on that path, think, she lost it:):) I can assure you, I have found it:) However, if one is not ready or tuned in to receiving such information, it will sound like total crazy mumbo jumbo:) It’s allright, we all have our rhytm and I can only wish you the same experiences I’m having and openness with which I decided to approach the subject. If you knew me 2 years ago, you would have read or spoken to a totally different person, confident, successful yes, but without much understanding of what is really going on and how much power one really has.

Discovering the teachings of Abraham was a real epiphany for me, the subject was circulating at the back of my mind for years, but I never felt the need to investigate further, and recently it just came, literally, first the book presented itself to me from a bookstore shelf:) “Ask and it is given”, I couldn’t read it all at once, as it was so profound my mind was digesting every bit of it, in its own mode. Then I started attracting certain events, that blew me away, so I went deeper into it and I started to listen to many, free audios available online, miracles started presenting in my life and in fact I concluded they were there all the time!:)

So, now I would like to share with you that incredible powerful knowledge, but only if it makes sense to you, as my previous post said, forcing anything is not going to do it. You can only receive when you are ready for it. Oh and I’m laughing as I’m writing this, as in my doubtful stage, I ventured out online and I was searching for some information and I found those that ridicule law of attraction, the people, that believe in these things, the source, etc…and particularly the part when we say “when you are ready for it….”, well I only have one comment to that:) Now, I believe it stronger than ever, that there are only two worlds, one, that is in the vortex and one outside of it:) And people who are outside, not tuned it, as long as they remain there, they will always ridicule those, that are in:), and since those that are in, are in pure bliss, they will not be bothered with their opinions:) and can in fact from that place of pure creation help the other group:)  I can only wish the untuned ones:) the same I wish all humans, get in there as soon as you can!:)

Go to this incredible vibrational reality of pure joy and happiness, magical place of pure potentiality where everything that’s good already is, where everything that’s desired from pure love already is:)) where all things are POSSIBLE, where things AWAIT you, this is the place where all YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE:) provided that you are happy right now, as there is nothing else, but present, a real gift to us, where all can happen, where miracles are being created and where your desires fullfill:) and the sponteanity of it is incredible once you step in, tune in and fly away:) What a trip, what joy!:)

Here’s a message to the skeptics:) as mentioned before this is not a Pollyannas’ factory, this is the place where people get empowered and uplifted, connected to their true being, to their true, universal, eternal, almighty source, you can’t possibly believe, that this is all there is, the fights you fight, the problems you strive with, the conflicts you try to resolve, and the tiredness of all this – is your life? Come, on, really?

Even the biggest skeptics and negative people among you, had moments of pure joy in their lives, times when you lost the sense of time and space, when you were so joyful and uplifted you wanted to fly? These wings they were magically attached to you, that’s what we understand as vortex:) Wouldn’t you want to experience that heavenly joy more often? Relax and live a little:) the challenges will always be there, the life is suppose to be lived and the contrast of things that are here is suppose to be here, it’s all good:) Allow yourselves to live heaven on earth and your life will turn 180 degrees and suddenly you will see the magic we see:) Just jump:) tiny, little shift and your life is going with the flow and everything floats smoothly:)

Get your hands on that book, there is plenty free stuff online, it’s “Ask and it is give” by Ester and Jerry Hicks and I’ll not say more for now, as you need to find it, if that’s what you want:) I’ll continue with my magical day and here’ a little present – 68 seconds of pure thought to help you get closer to the vortex:) so, i’m helping you a bit:)





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