Making A Living – A Call For Action!:)

9 years ago


My posts most of the time are about mindset and well being and that I’m sure you will agree is very difficult without some sort of financial stability?

To quote Oskar Wilde “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” Sounds rather harsh and materialistic, but when you think about it? Unless one wants to live on the beach in a hat ( which i’m sure can be a very pleasant experience:)), one can not go far without it. There is a difference between loving money and having it in abundance to create a very comfortable life:) and becoming a real Force For Good:), being free to do whatever, to have whatever you heart desires:)

Let’s look at Making a Living. Where you are, what you do, who you work with or for, entirely depends on your own vision. Some might argue with me and say, oh, no, it’s the power of circumstances and I have no choice. Well, news flash. Either you are going to be the victim of circumstances or you will grab proverbial bull by the horns and create your own circumstances and believe me, I can relate to that.

My previous experience in Making A Living

I didnt write much about my background yet, so let me give you a quick overview. I was always an Entrepreneur at heart, I worked in sales and management positions in small and medium sized companies. My background includes the media industry where I managed productions of special country reports that was aired on CNBC. In this position I interviewed members of government including prime ministers as well as the CEO s of the top 100 corporations in the country featured.

Together with my husband I owned companies, that employed 100s of people, so I got a great taste of both owning and employment. It’s been 2,5 years now that I work as a Business Coach and Entrepreneur in the Home Business Industry and I can tell you honestly finally I found a way of Making a Living, that can truly drive you not only to richness, but allow you to gain freedom and happiness you forgot you could have.

I don’t want to write about cliches here. Nevertheless most people did forget, that the only person, that is responsible for their life is the one starting at them in the mirror. It is so “hard” to stop and think, it’s not the government, it’s not the economy, not my family and the list goes on… The truth is, that people were making an amazing living in the worse of times, and once a person realizes, they are in charge, they can shift their circumstances.

What it takes is to silence that little voice in the head, that shouts and blames everything and everyone for what happens. At one point, I did it, and you know what? To gain control over one’s self talk is the most liberating feeling in the world.

I don’t know where you are and what you do, but when you stop for a moment and really think about where you want to be in 5 years, what is the answer? And is what you do going to take you there? You know the famous definition of insanity by Einstein who said: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I couldn’t agree more, there is a huge diffrence between being persistant and consistant with productive action and just doing things, that simply don’t bring any value and create no perspectives for the future. How would you define JOB? Making a living, some will say.

Is JOB a feasible way of Making a Living?

What it means to me is many things : “Journey of the Broke”, “Just Obey Boss”, “Joy Over Baby”:) But seriously, let’s consider it for a second. It is our duty to take responsibility for our lives and provide for our families, so let me ask you, how can one really claim they take a responsibility and think, that having a JOB will be the answer?

In today’s economy especially, that is such an illusion. You have it, untill one day someone decides you don’t and than the blame mechanism starts again – the voice surfaces:), how could they, why me, its so unfair??? How about looking deep in your eyes and admitting, that you did it to yourself? Shocking?

If you do have a job right now, i congratulate you, but I want to call you to action now, wake up and think how You can take control over your own life and stop depending on people providing you with this unstable way of making a living.

Be grateful and cheerish you work, but think openly and make sure you are going to start to build your future on a side right now. 5 years from now is coming, whether you like it or not and if you are going to assume responsibility right now, you have a real chance to create a completely diffrent standard of living for yourself.

Being an entrepreneur myself and having tried so many diffrent ways of making a living, I will not recommend that you go into a traditional business especially if you have a job right now and would be open to start something on a side. Having your own business requires capital, administration, total commitment and 90% of all start ups go down before their 5th birthday. However Home Based Business, that requires minimum of investment, allows you to work flexible hours, doesn’t require administration, employees, or inventory, that is a totally different story.

You dont want the situation where from being at your boss’s mercy you become the prisoner or your business. What most people are trying to do in their lives is to have as much pleasure and as little pain as it gets and having had several traditional businesses, I was often in pain:) I’m sure many business owners can relate to that.

When there is a situation though when you get to partner up with a strong, solid, well established company, you are ahead of some of the largest trends in the world and the products are highly in demand, are uniques to the point where you cut yourself off from the competition and the company’s compensation plans allows you to make a substantial passive income, this creates an outstanding opportunity in the world so shaken by this whole economic turmoil.

Making money is something most of us want to do, but the diffrence between those that DO MAKE IT BIG and those who just get by is, that their take control over they lives and they do not look back. I’ll quote Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Robert Zane Pilzer, who said, that “Before you invest in anything else, exhaust the possibilities of investing in your own business first.” 

Yes and Yes, and there are some really extraordinary possibilities out there, if you are ready to take a leap of faith and take action, get back to me and I will present you with several options, that meet all requirements of a business, that can sustain and prevail in our economic times.

In the meantime, go ahead and check “Work With Me Section”, I share some ideas of making a living there, they might catch your attention, Be Well and Have A Great Day:)



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