Raw Cacao Chocolates – The Lovetarian Way:)

3 weeks ago
Today, I would love to share one of my favorite, dessert recipes with you. I love chocolate and when I make mine, I want it healthy, nourishing, plant based & delicious:)

As you know I'm passionate about promoting plant based nutrition and I deeply believe that eating this way is a true win, win, win. It's great for your health, it's great for the Planet, it's great for the Animals.

They truly embody the Lovetarian Way in & out of the kitchen:) Everyone wins...

When I eat those chocolates, I feel amazing, I feel energised & my sweet tooth is fully satisfied.

I can honestly say that anyone who likes chocolate & tries those, loves them.

You can adjust the flavourings & level of sweetness to your preference.

Without further ado, here is the recipe.

Raw Cacao Chocolates The Lovetarian Way

Ingredients for 17 big chocolates - in a muffin form.

Basic chocolate ingredients:

- 22 tbs sp raw cacao
- 20 tbs virgin coconut oil
- 3 tbs cinnamon ceylon
- 0.5 tbs vanilla
- 2 tbs maple syrup or honey or agave nectar
- 10 drops of stevia - depends how sweet you like it

Optional ingredients to add flavour, nutrients & volume:

- nuts
- berries fresh or dry
- raisins
- nut butters
- coconut flakes
- orange peel
- pinch of chilli
- fresh mint
- pinch of Himalayan salt

Raw Cacao Chocolates The Lovetarian Way


If it's warm, the coconut oil will already be fluid.
If i's cold, you can place the jar of oil in a bowl with hot water and let it dissolve for a few minutes, you might want to stir it with a spoon to get it melt throughout.

In a bowl place all the basic ingredients & mix them well. The consistency will be slightly thick & fluid.

Taste if it's sweet enough for you. Add more stevia and flavours you like - orange peel, mint, himalayan salt, etc...

Now, place 2 tbs of the mix into muffin forms ( should easily yield 17 - they will fill the form 1/2)

Afterwords you can top up with nuts, berries, nut butter which will double the size.

Make sure that all the optional ingredients are touching the fluid - once it gets solid in the fridge, all ingredients will be bound.

Once you are done, place the forms in the fridge, give it 15 -20 mins and you can enjoy your chocolates.

Raw Cacao Chocolates The Lovetarian Way

Hope you enjoy them Beautiful!

Much love from me to you, Namaste xo



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