Dear Kindred Spirit,

I have always dreamt that one day schools will teach the TRUTHS that can help empower and actually make adult life more joyful, easier, more connected to the Source, healthy, happy and truly abundant.

I know that this dream is coming true in many places in the world and I know that one day, I too will help contribute to that dream by helping create those schools.

What would I like to teach children and their parents for that matter?

They would be taught physical and spiritual skills that involve: preventing diseases, proper nutrition, meditation, prayer, preventing and stopping environmental, mental, emotional pollution, organic farming, cooperation vs. competition, and the list goes on.

I have actually recently come across a great articles on top 10 spiritual truths that we were never taught at school, at least I wasn’t. These 10 truths would certainly be included.

Should we have such curriculum at schools and focus on what matters vs. endless, meaningless conflicts this world would thrive.

I close my eyes, I meditate on it and I pray that this dream is coming to fruition and the world is changing by the power of our conscious choices…

I would love to invite you to read this fantastic articles written by Michelle Walling for Conscious Life News titled: “Top 10 Spiritual Truths We Weren’t Taught in School.”

CLICK HERE to read the article

I hope you are spending today surrounded by love, in gratitude and appreciation of everything that is your life.


Today is Thanksgiving and even though I believe that every day is a day to give thanks, many hearts around the world embrace this holiday and express love even more, joining with their families, so let’s ride this energy and send our loving prayers and intentions out there for THE DREAM to manifest all over the world.

May You Be Surrounded By Love, Blessings and Good Health Always!

With Love and Light, Natalia PH

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  1. Dear Nathalia
    Thank you so much for your message,I am sorry if am too late to read it,but surely,I share with you the beautiful dream.Always for love and peace wherever we are and hwo ever we are. Am a teacher and I promess to pass the message to my sweet little student.
    Much love & hugs to you dear

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