“Follow Your Bliss” Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Oh wow, what an amazing weather outside, I definately followed my inner voice and went outside, look at Lider having the most amazing time:)

Today, I would love to talk to you in more depth about Beliefs and how they shape our lives. I have listened and studied many courses in which this topic is widely discussed, the fact is that it all comes down to this – certain Beliefs can seriously limit our development and growth if we don’t do something about them.

What is a Belief? Well, as you can imagine it is an idea, that we acquired, a thought that we kept on repeating untill it became our Belief, and it might be something we caught from someone and it was for some reason resounding with us and we adopted it, many beliefs come from social conditioning, if we are religious they come from our religious affiliations and so on. Some of them are wonderful and uplifting, but many unfortunately are not doing us any good. Let’s discuss it with examples, I’m all about practical learning:)

When you were a kid you might have felt like you were not good enough, you heard it from your parents, from your peers, from teachers, you heard it so many times, that it created certain thought patterns, you started to repeat it to yourself and it shaped into a Belief, that you are not good enough. Your entire adolescence and adult life have been influenced by that oh such false belief and if you allow me to go into the algorithm of creating process look what happens:

Thought ( I’m not good enough) – Feeling ( I feel so unworthy, unappreciated, I feel small and insignificant) – Action ( staying down, not standing out, conforming, uninspired actions) – Result ( Life of Misery, Life of Unfulfilled Dreams and Desires……………..true?

Yes, and now add more beliefs to it about money, about relationships, about your health and the list goes on, right?

So, the past is the past and your power is in the now, you are to grab it, claim it and turn your life upside down, you are to “Follow Your Bliss” as Joseph Campbell once said. You can’t just erase your old beliefs, remember what I once wrote to quote Abraham Hicks “the thought once thought is never gone”, but it’s allright, no problem whatsoever, what we will do, we will replace your old beliefs and create a beautiful set of new affirmations, incantations, thoughts and words, that you will be repeating as your sutras and they will become your new prayers:)

"You Are Magnificent"

I’d like to encourage you again to take part in one of my free webinar from “Wake Up To The Genius Within You” Series, there I give you a set of exercises on how to start, you are also most welcome to contact me and book a private session of life coaching at my coaching page. For now, let’s do a little exercise with your beliefs, and you can do it with any that you might identify, and believe me some are lurking in your subconsciousness and you might not even realize you keep on replaying these broken records:)

Ok, so your belief for example might be – “I need to work really hard to make money”, ok, so you think that and you literally work your butt off in your JOB, due to this belief, you have this very strong conviction that this is the only way to make money and you are maybe in rat race, or maybe you are trying really hard and do some physical work, are you making money? How do you feel? No, not enough, I feel sooooo, sooooo, if not crappy, right?

Look at this from another perspective, look around the world and ponder this – do those that work hardest make most money? Really? Not, it’s about working smart, not working hard, isn’t it? And it has nothing to do with education either, the smartest ( in general public opinion) people are often stuck in rat race or are lost in their lives all the time. So, what is it about, how to change that belief.

First of all, you acknowledge the fact, that you need to think different, out of the box, you need to stop for a second and shape a new thought – let it be “To make money I need to find alternative ways of creating income” and you send that intention to the Universe, you focus on it, start reading some great inspirational stories of people who really did achieve greatness, so you don’t feel like a lone reed ( especially that you might experience some peer group pressure, people around you, that love you, often not understanding your intentions and playing their own limiting beliefs, might try to kill your aspirations and simply because they do love and care about it:)), but if you really, really want something, you have that burning desire to succeed, to create a purposeful, beautiful, prosperous life, you need to focus on yourself and your goal for a change, basically you will “follow your bliss” and you will inspire others by your actions, there is no need to convince anyone of your ideas, you just focus on your inspired actions and you will lead by example, simple as that:)

Often people loose track of their goals, as they try to please someone else and meet other people’s expectations, the key to successful anything in life is to focus on your goals and needs and then you will the most amazing person to inspire others. For some it might sound selfish, but hey, even if you are flying, flight attendants ask you in case of emergency to put oxygen mask on you first before you assist anyone around you, what good are you, if you are not breathing? Does it make sense?

Who said, that “altruism is the highest form of egoism” I absolutely agree, again “Be the change you want to see in the world” Ghandi was so right and spot on:)

Ok, so your belief about money, you will focus on that new thought: “To make money I need to find alternative ways of creating income”, you will ponder it, digest it, repeat it over and over again, you will entertain that thought and discipline yourself into believing it and once you do that and great feelings come, feelings of empowerement and self worth, you will see, that ideas will come flooding to your mind ( and clearly since you are reading this, you are going to get an idea from me as well:)) watch this “making a living – call to action”

Keep on practicing that belief and from inspired action, amazing results will follow, so that you will be able to truly enjoy your life as you were meant to do. Here is another belief to practise: “Life is Beautiful, Filled with Miracles and I can achieve anything my mind can believe and conceive, if it’s to be, it’s up to me, I say I can – I’m right, I say I can not I’m right” OK? Does it make sense?

With Love and Light






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