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7 years ago

How I define abundance…

I love this journey of life with its twists and turns and how it teaches me the truth behind everything I experience. Abundance used to be something I associated with material wealth and as life would have it I had to go through a very tumultuous near financial ruin experience to find a true meaning of abundance and live it while being without any material security.

We are so caught up in money or the lack of thereof in our society that we rarely can imagine experiencing abundance without having it. Yet, this is exactly what happened to me and that’s how I came to find my own definition of abundance. Yes, money is important, its energy allows us to experience financial independence and do whatever it is that we want to do. But, what I came to find out is that you can’t truly experience wealth if you don’t go deeper than finances.

To define abundance is to look at the totality of our life, the mind, the body and the Spirit. When one gets the vastness of our being, when one grasps one’s true nature and its multidimensionality all of a sudden abundance just becomes a part of our life. The overflowing of possibilities, infinite amount of choices, every new moment presenting a new opportunity to live, love, grow.

For me abundance is the change of perspective, when I came to awaken to my true nature, when I grasped the fact that I was more than my body, my mind, that I was in fact “a spiritual being having a human experience” I felt abundance throughout. Abundance is a state of being; it’s a state of awareness that takes us beyond the material possessions, beyond the restrains of our physicality or limitations that our mind creates. When one gets free and connects to one’s true nature, one that has no such limits then all of a sudden both mind and body responds to that new realization and abundance becomes one’s natural state of being.

Yes, for me it is a state of being that can be experienced regardless of outside circumstances, regardless of the current state of a bank account. It is a feeling that takes over and one feels blissfully content and connected to that endless, powerful energy of love and light that one emerged from and came into a physical body.

When we live from that state and carry on with our daily affairs everything on the outside responds to that miraculous happiness, gratitude and appreciation that radiates from within us. Life becomes truly magical; our desires fulfill easily, life flows and abundance reigns in all aspects of our lives, we experience bliss and fulfillment on a daily basis.

Here is how I define abundance for I experience it in my life every time I live from my heart, every time I allow myself to connect to my true nature, when I silence the desires of an egoic mind and allow divine love and light to manifest through me and within me.

This beautiful state of being is something I wish upon each and every one of you, for then life as you know it turns into magic for you see things, people, circumstances for what they truly are – wonderful expressions of universal consciousness that has at its essence pure love and light.

May Love and Light Be Always With You

P.S. Below is a video I did where I define abundance.

By Natalia PH



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