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As we are moving into 2014 and January ends, I was pondering new year’s resolutions, I, you and others make each year.

Many of us strives to do the best we can to create our best lives, we have our vision, lists of goals, tasks and we believe we can achieve results we want.

And yes we can, with work, perseverence, self discipline, universe will support us in helping us achieve our heartfelt desires, I just had a thought that might make it easier on you to experience manifestations of your dreams…

Thus this post!

I propose to you to look at your new years resolutions and filter them through your heart. If the resolutions feel true to you and you have made necessary steps to start to realize them, keep them, if not, remove them from your list and focus on those that matter.

Next, have you actually written down a list of what I call in my coaching “success habits creators”? Those are daily actions that you commit yourself to taking in the now of any given day. Resolutions detach you from the now and you visualize, dream of better future. That is great, without dreams and vision of what might be, we wouldn’t be growing, but your power to actually realize that vision is in the NOW.

How about switching focus from the future to this moment, to this day?

This is what I focus on most and this is what I recommend my clients to do and believe me, when we switch focus from some far away goal to the what we can do in the now, and keep the goal as a destination things start manifesting gradually and the process of creating a goal becomes extremely pleasurable and empowering.

Does it make sense to you? Does it makes sense to stop living in the future and start living in the now? Doesn’t it make more sense that you actually can do more in the now than just dream of the future? Combine both!

If you do that, then the goal will come to life, afterall, someone wise once said that the best way to predict the future is to create it…

This is just a short post in hope that you can course correct your focus and actually achieve those new years’ resolutions this year and have an enormous satisfaction tasting the prize:)

If you’d like my assistance in creating your best life, have a look at one of my coaching programs at www.NataliaPH.com/coaching, I love helping people achieve results that serve their highest and best good!

I will leave you with this quote today




May Love and Light Be Always With You

Natalia PH

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