Co-create Your Heaven on Earth with The 4 Pillars of the Lovetarian Way & Quantum Field

πŸŽ™οΈ The Lovetarian Way PODCAST Season 2 β€œSummer Conversations”

Episode 2 with our guest speaker Maja Brexel - Quantum Hypnotist, Psychotherapist & My Spiritual Sistah


⌚ Timestamps

0:00 - Intro

5:04 - How NataliaPHLovetarian defines the quantum field

6:21 - A bit more about our guest Maja Brexel || How can her expertise empower us

10:34 - Is there a past or a future in the Quantum Field?

15:45 - What will happen if we take 100% responsibility of our life

22:05 - A description of Natalia's journey through the 4 pillars of The Lovetarian Way

29:31 - Pillar 1 - Accept 100% responsibility for your life

31:30 - Correction (Natalia meant to say Dr. Joe Vitale, not Dr. Joe Dispenza)

33:49 - Q&A - Why it is so difficult to maintain self-love and what can you do to ensure you stay in that zone?

39:44 - How hypnosis clears our disempowering beliefs

42:44 - Maja Brexel explained What hypnosis is

44:53 - What is Self-hypnosis || How people can do it

 49:11 - Do we create our own reality

57:44 - How to get in touch with Maja Brexel

✨ Our guest has more than 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy.

She is the Creatrix of the MBrex International Institute of Quantum Hypnosis, Life and Business Enhancing Methods.

The Institute offers meditation courses, Hypnotic-Cleansing sessions and many other personality developing techniques. 

Maja is a public speaker, using all her tools and wisdom to help people grow in all areas of their life.

She practiced in Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and in Spain. 

And… Maja is a brilliant therapist for my beloved β€œpeople” - animals:)

We spoke to her last year about communicating with animals via the quantum field.

She told us how to help our pets and other animals to thrive and be happy!

 βœ¨ Tune here to catch up with that episode:

Communicating with Animals is POSSIBLE via:


Because of her fantastic ability to speak to animals, she got named a Real Dr. Dolittle:)

 βœ… CONTACT Maja via: 🌐

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