The Art Of Forgiveness – it’s Trials, Tribulations and it’s Absolute Bliss || Spiritual Psychics TV

The Art Of Forgiveness - it's Trials, Tribulations and it's Absolute Bliss || Spiritual Psychics TV

🎬 Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro
1:47 - About The Lovetarian Way
4:17 - Who is Claire Atyeo
7:04 - What is Claire Atyeo's book: "Aligned Leaders” focused on?
8:12 - Why we can't release and forgive ourselves for the things we didn't do
12:47 - The importance of letting go of things and allowing yourself to find grace in forgiveness
17:23 - Why do we need to feel to heal
18:59 - Can breathing and journaling help us forgive
23:17 - Q&A - The importance of looking at situations from different angles and taking responsibility for what we do
27:26 - How our life experiences contribute to our growth and evolution
33:05 - Q&A - The Role of our previous lifetimes
36:25 - Throughout lifetimes - do we decide what to experience
41:02 - The importance of following your beliefs and asking for help
43:00 - Q&A - Childhood trauma is deeply buried in my heart. I have tried to work on it but I am scared. What can I do?
46:21 - How Dr. Len helped people heal? || Traditional Hawaiian Practice of HoΚ»oponopono
51:59 - Q&A - What can I do to change my relationship success in general
56:02 - How to work with Claire Atyeo
57:55 - What will the next episode of The Lovetarian Way show be about?

Episode 04 of The Lovetarian Way Show on Spiritual Psychics TV with our guest speaker - Claire Atyeo - Female Empowered Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Author
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