Manifest Absolutely Anything You Want….

manifesf absolutely anythingManifest Absolutely Anything You Want…

This is a bold statement, isn’t it? It was a post someone put on my facebook wall few days ago. Ok, another Law of Attraction recipe. I know 1000s of them by now and Yes, the Law does work and the truth is you can Manifest Anything You Want, I paid tens of thousands of dollars to find out how it works, what works and what doesn’t, so I’m very drawn and curious to always check what comes my way:)

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Creating Happy Relationships

CREATING HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS   “No man is a island” as Englishman John Donne wrote in his “Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions”, I couldn’t agree more. No matter how much one tries to isolate from the world, the connection is undeniable and ever present. When you think about definition of happiness and success, …

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Pay it Forward

What is “Pay it forward”  I was just wondering today – how is it with good deeds? Is altruism, as some claim highest form of egoism? And does it really matter anyway. When you do something good for someone, yes, it makes you feel great, so it would be about …

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