The Power of Words to Hurt & Heal With Kate Hamilton – Author of “Irish Words of Wisdom”

🎙️ The Power of Words to Hurt & Heal 

🎙The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 18 - With Kate Hamilton - Author of “Irish Words of Wisdom”, Coach & Mediator

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

2:31 - Details about our guest Kate Hamilton

4:10 - What inspired her to write “Irish Words of Wisdom”

11:35 - Why did she begin her book with a poem of Maureen O'Hara

22:20 - What can be healed with The Power of Words?

26:02 - Are words co-creative? The importance of bringing awareness to our transformation

29:55 - How are we all connected in one energy field; Is all energy connected with all energy?

33:44 - How your choices & decisions determine the course of your life

37:50 - How words can uplift or kill; The power of words to feel and hurt

40:40 - Why it is important to make choices that empower us through positive thoughts and feelings

48:10 - How you can make choices and reborn yourself anew

51:50 - Hardships we face nowadays; is technology bombarding us

54:34 - What is the purpose of our work: Influencing by embodiment, not changing people

1:01:14 - How to ask empowering questions that will lead you to the source of truth

1:03:40 - Are NataliaPH & Kate encouraging people not to feel any negative emotions?

1:05:55 - Would you like to liberate yourself from suffering? Investigate with consciousness

1:07:47 - Why do you need to take 100% responsibility for your choices?

1:09:48 - Why we need to stop being so judgmental of ourselves

1:12:50 - Why do we need to learn from mistakes? If you don't learn from a mistake, it's a mistake

1:15:50 - The ways to find fun factors in your life

1:17:47 - Importance of acknowledging your contributions and taking responsibility for them

1:20:23 - Age of Information: Duality of human experience

1:21:22 - Kate Hamilton’s closing remarks

1:23:00 - How breath can completely shift your state: The power of breath

Our Beautiful guest - Kate Hamilton is such a renaissance woman, she writes, she coaches, she plays & sings ukulele and guitar to care homes and hospices, she is an animal lover. 

Her life experience of personal trauma, death and loss set her on her journey of self discovery and research in particular healing the mind and body.

She studied hundreds of healing methods including: Philosophy, Music, Animal, EFT, Dance, Play, Prayer, Irish cures, plant healing and more... 

Kate authored a MagicKal book which I love: “Irish words of wisdom book” and we will have a wonderful chat about The Power of Words to Hurt & Heal.

This is such an important topic, so many people were programmed to believe that a person can think one thing and say another and it does not matter… 

We will show you how it might matter VERY much, words co-create our reality, words hurt, words heal…
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