The Lovetarian Way NEW MOON Ritual PODCAST Episode 8 with Colin Lewis – Astrologist, Shaman

πŸŽ™οΈThe Lovetarian Way NEW MOON Ritual PODCAST Episode 8 with Colin Lewis - Astrologist, Shaman

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

2:30 - How to get in touch with Colin Lewis

3:35 - The bio of Colin Lewis

10:27 - Why we feel abundance and prosperity issues according to Colin Lewis

14:30 - The 4 pillars of The Lovetarian Way

16:42 - How we could cooperate with moon and earth cycles

18:52 - Is it possible to choose consciously - Colin Lewis's take on it

23:55 - How being aware of our duality is helpful?

25:08 - How does one can develop relationship with the moon

27:16 - New Moon ritual conducted by Colin Lewis

45:40 - How can we code and scramble ideas to help them manifest

50:16 - What is the difference between sigils & glyphs

57:33 - Q&A - can menstrual blood be a part of a ritual

1:03:15 - What the Lovetarian Way is about

1:05:21 - The seven steps of New Moon ritual explained by Colin Lewis

1:11:53 - Is it possible to invite spirit guides into a ritual

1:13:28 - How does Colin Lewis finish the moon ceremonies

1:16:56 - Q&A - Has Colin Lewis ever personally connected with any specific individual to channel intuitive knowing

πŸŽ™οΈ Episode 8 with Colin Lewis - Expert in Earth & Moon Cycles, MagicK, Massage, Fitness, Psychedelics, Energy & Psychic Work What an interesting guest we have today!

βœ… Get in touch With Colin Lewis - via:

- Colin became a personal trainer at 19, having transformed his physique from 140 kg kid to a fit and awakened man he is today.

- In his 20s he studied with shamans and intuitives, he’s been taking people on psychedelic journeys as a guide including mushrooms, DMT and Ketamine. He trained hockey and MMA.

- He worked with CEOs, celebs and professional athletes.

- In his 30s he studied massage and healing arts and more intuitive practices.

- Got into astrology and has been working with the moon.

- He went to Peru to study as a shaman with the Ayahuasca Foundation.

- Throughout his 30s he’s been working with lunar cycles, intuition and Magick.

- Now, in his 40s he continues on his journey as a Magician, Fitness Director, Massage Therapist, Energy Worker, Psychic and Channel

- He’s looking to lead more psychedelic sessions, teach intuition, working with Earth and Moon cycles/energy

- Let’s find out how Colin could assist us in awakening deeper and guide us through this New Moon Ceremony. 

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