Astrology for 2022 || What’s in Store for 2022? || 2022 Astrology Predictions

Astrology for 2022 || What's in Store for 2022? || 2022 Astrology Predictions with our guest Katy Sophia - Ascension Astrologer 

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

0:35 - Katy Sophia's Motivation For Doing Astrology.

1:32 - The Difference Between An Astrologer And An Ascension Astrologer.

2:20 - How Does Katy Sophia See The Year 2022 Ahead?

7:24 - How Astrology Describes The Chakras? Will There Be Major Changes?

9:45 - Is The Energy Of 2022 Helping Us Awaken More?

14:14 - Q&A- What Is My Future Going To Be Like?

15:09 - The View Of Katy Sophia, About Who We Are?

17:00 - How Does Meditation Help Us Reconnect With Ourselves?

18:12 - What Else Can We Expect In 2022?

20:03 - The Influence Of The Zodiac Effect.

24:10 - What Is Katy Sophia's Guidance For Those Who Feel Powerless?

25:47 - Katy Sophia's Thoughts On 2022 In Comparison With The Previous Decade.

29:36 - How Do Energies Force Us To Embrace Change?

31:25 - Do We Live In Two Parallel Worlds?

34:16 - What Happens When Someone Is Obsessed With Entertainment And Distractions?

37:49 - Can We Use Meditation And Visualization To Create A Positive Environment In Our Minds?

39:19 - A Few Words From Our Guest.

40:15 - What Services Does Katy Sophia Offer?

πŸŽ™οΈ The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 32 with our guest Katy Sophia - Ascension Astrologer 

Our lovely guest Katy is an ascension astrologer who facilitates transformational journeys in Avalon and Egypt, and other power sites on our beautiful planet.

With 20 years of experience in holistic healing, meditation and coaching, she loves to gently guide people to that place of inner alignment.

Katy runs divine feminine healing circles, she teaches in-person and online, writes a regular blog on the current energies, and offers private sessions specialising in life purpose and relationship healing. 

Working with astrology, energy healing, crystals and sacred oils, she combines multi-faceted sacred knowledge to empower and transform. Let’s hear what 2022 has in store for us astrologically!

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