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Torben Thoger, Danish living in Spain, Filmaker & Music Composer

When it comes to both mental and physical wellness and health Natalia is on top of everything. She is enthusiastic and energetic throughout your sessions with her. Without a waver whatsoever. Natalia has an incredible amount of knowledge and her intuition is highly developed. She is an expert and is extremely professional in her field.”



Rachel Rafieter, Scottish living in Spain, Intuitive Coach, Pilates Instructor & Dancer

“Natalia has a great gift for inspiring you and motivating you so I’d definitely recommend her coaching. She walks the talk and is a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm and gets you right on track whatever that is for you. Don’t hesitate sign up with her today. It’s a sound investment in the real you.”



Maddie Storm, Danish living in Spain, Healer & Teacher

“Natalia has an huge knowledge when it comes to a healthy living and very useful tools to make sure you reach your goals. She is enthusiastic and empathetic and you are in the very best hands if you want to live healthy, loose weight and raise your energy. 
I recommend her with all my heart. 



Korven Griffin, Scottish living in Spain, Paramedic & Nurse

“A truly outstanding individual who is grounded in so many aspects of life and a boundless energy to take you to new heights you never thought possible in yourself. “




Wendy Williams, UK, Businesswoman

“Natalia is so enthusiastic about helping people to be more healthy , she is helpful and encouraging for those of us who have struggled for years to lose weight and be healthier. I never thought I would EVER be able to give up coffee, but I now don’t miss it at all. From drinking alcohol almost every day I am now a maybe 2 or 3 times a month drinker.”



Joey Fernandez, UK, Businessman

“Whether teaching or coaching, Natalia clearly demonstrates a seasoned level of knowledge and experience and a passion for what she does. Her understanding of Emotional Intelligence and coaching in general has helped to propel her into being a credible force and expert on this area. She help me a lot and I recommend her as one of the best. 



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