March 6, 2016

It’s been a while since I wrote here and I must say I needed not to.

I made a decision to really focus on my growth and implement all that I’ve been helping others implement in their own lives.

It is often so much easier to teach than do and I came to find that I truly needed to go deep, deep and deeper within myself and focus on me.

So I have:)

And I concluded that I wanted to build a business using those spiritual laws that I’ve been writing about here for years.

The business that would be a true win, win, win. Good for those involved, good for me and good for the greater good for it would make people happy to be involved in it.

January 2016 it has slowly begun:)

I joined forces with an old friend, a film maker and a composer ( Torben Thoger ) and we set out to create UP NOW Costa Blanca, a film production company with a mission to create documentary style films about the beautiful towns and the people of the Costa Blanca.

We wanted to use our experiences to make the most of both world, do good, enjoy and promote this gorgeous area where we live.

Let’s see what happens…

Tune into to see how it goes at:

Much love


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