How to Be Free From Selftalk?

Do you experience moments when the voice in your head gets out of control and you are completely possessed by it?

When the voice whispers nice things, OK, but when there are moments when it completely destroys you, puts you down and you feel as if you were its slave it becomes very difficult. Before I realized that that voice was the voice of Ego, that I was not that voice, that I was a spiritual being that is having this physical experience, I had a really hard time.

Thankfully I came across Eckhart Tolle’s teaching and everything became clear, I even befriended the voice and now when it tries to bother me, I politely tell it to get lost:) No, seriously I started a sort of a loving dialogue with my Ego and we nicely co-exist. Should I ever get free of Ego, I don’t know, but surely when you, me, anyone manages to grasp the concept of this duality life becomes so much lighter, and so much easier, you become free once you understand that nothing stops or limits you because you are spirit and when you are in spirit, when you are inspired – WOW, mountains can be moved and you feel invincible!

This short post was actually to recommend Eckart Tolle newest Q & A series where he answers some great questions including “How to be free from Selftalk” tune in to have a look and if you enjoy it, know, that what we do at has everything to do with allowing you to tune into the melody of your soul and be free of that voice.

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