Dedicating this to my soul mates…

Hi Guys:)

One should be so lucky to meet several soul mates in a life time, I have and I’m absolutely amazed how phenomenal these meetings were. There is no such thing as a coincidence, we as humans are spread all over the globe and yet when the time is right a serendipitous occurrence happens and bum! you meet your soulmate and say “where have you been all this time”

I met my husband like that, there was a very short moment in time that we had a chance to meet, he is Swedish was living in Poland, and Im Polish living just shortly in Poland on my way to conquer the world, yet we met and the rest is history:)

I met Margaret online and our chats were never ending, instant connection, finishing each other’s sentences and you just know, “Hello, nice to see you again”:)

Have you read “You Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz? A wonderful book just as the first one in the series “Courageous Souls” explaining how we have come here and how our souls plan certain events and occurrences in our lives so that we can work on some of the divine virtues be it compassion, empathy, love etc…

Some might find this really controversial, but when you think about it and see how certain things happen in people’s life, that do not make any sense i.e. death of a young child, then this makes total sense. I encourage you to read these books as they can help so many people understand our universe better and face certain very challenging situations and actually start to enjoy life understanding it better.

This was just a short post inspired by the beautiful quote by Paulo Coelho, and i wanted to give you some examples from my life as I absolutely agree with what he said:

Wishing You a beautiful Friday, with love & light, NataliaPH


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