No, you are not necessarily going to grow horns if you eat beef, but you may grow something else inside your body that can cause a lot of problems and pain for you.

It’s been over 6 months now that my husband and I stopped eating meat (we occasionally have white, deep water fish – less, if any toxicity). We made this conscious choice due to a series of circumstances.

Over past two years as you might know from my programs and newsletter we went through a truly tumultuous time and a true transformation of consciousness.

Once that happen you simply cannot refuse certain knowledge and pretend that things are the way they used to be.

Big turnaround

Challenges that we all face are here to test us, test our strength, our will, and our resolutions. I’ve been writing my newsletter for over 2 years now and for those who read it, it’s evident I turned towards spirituality to help me to conquer troubles. Last august my husband and I came out of a very dangerous financial situation and we made a promise to ourselves never to ignore the intuition and be more conscious in all our actions, more on that at

That little intuitive voice has been telling us for quite some time that certain foods are simply not good for you and that they poison you from inside out.

As aware of that as we were, we were not ready to just stop. As universe would have it, literally at the same time we received both links to some incredibly revealing movies (the list below) about how the foods we eat gets to our plates and what is in them, Dr Bruce Lipton’s material about “you are what you eat” and… our readings trance channeled by Jill Harrison from our spirit guidance and guess what…

hippIt was all in sync, not only is meat and other foods (processed foods obviously  get the list of others here READ MORE)  bad for you it adds to creating a whole range of diseases, aging and premature death.

It was not a shocker whatsoever, but this time we chose not to ignore this very clear message.

New nutrition

We replaced meats with high content of vegetable protein (hemp, chickpeas, spirulina, quinoa etc…), and keep healthy ratios of 10% animal produce (only organic eggs, occasional goat milk or cheese and white, deep water fish), 70% green vegetables, and 20% other veggies, nuts and fruits.

By eliminating meat, cow’s dairy, sugar, wheat flour, white rice from your nutrition not only are you unleashing incredible potential your body has to steer clear of diseases but also you are generating massive amounts of energy.

Such nutrition makes your diet absolutely alkaline and protects you from harmful acids that aid to presence of diseases and accelerate aging.

You want to live, you want to work out, you think clearer, your body influences your mind and positivity floods you.

I have never been in a better shape, so did Joakim. It is a gradual process, first few weeks you might experience de-toxing, it depends what’ve been feeding your body

Allow that process to happen and stick to it, you won’t regret it as long term rewards are priceless – longevity, perfect health and wellness, wonderful mood and clear mind

When you keep your nutrition this balanced, there are virtually no cravings. I have come to find hundreds of incredible recipes to make delicious vegetarian dishes and scrumptious desserts.

For example look at this gorgeous and such a simple dessert.

Banana ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce.

For 2-4 people ( smaller portions and eating more often 5-6 times per day, highly recommended):

–          4 medium bananas

–          Half a cup of almond milk ( I do not recommend soy milk, in fact I recommend    eliminating soy from your nutrition all together – READ THIS ARTICLE)

–          100 grams of organic, 80% chocolate

–          Few drops of stevia ( optional)

–          Almond flakes ( other nuts)

Cut bananas, put them in a bag and freeze them (it only takes couple of hours), 1 hour before you are ready to prepare ice-cream take them out of the freezer so they can soften up.

Blend the bananas with almond milk to a soft consistency.

Heat the remaining almond milk and melt chocolate in it (if you like it extra sweet add few drops of stevia).

There you go, all ready. Put ice-cream in a bowl and pour hot chocolate sauce on top, sprinkle almond flakes on top.

Not only are you getting a real feast here, there is no artificial sugars or sweeteners here.

Dark chocolate is a perfect stimulant and in such a high content of cocoa actually increases your metabolism, bananas are filled with nutrients, including potassium, iron and loads of vitamins ( READ MORE HERE) , almonds nourish your brain and aid to weigh loss ( READ MORE HERE)

All together this constitutes a perfection of a dessert – a combo of delicious, healthy and nutritious feast!

I’ve decided to write more about physical health from now on, both on my blog and my newsletter as up till now 90% of the content covered mental and emotional aspects of our being; however we are the spirit that actually took residence in our body, so we better take care of it.

As the old good saying tells us: “In healthy body, healthy Spirit” and Hippocrates once stated:” Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I let it happen and there is no going back, once you stepped on that path the whole potential of nature’s miracles opens up for you and you wonder how you not knew about the abundance of foods that mother Earth has in store for us.

We really do not need any of that processed, artificial, filled with hormones, pretending to be food creation of corporate machine…

Have a look at those movies and allow awakening to your health, conscious eating and truly experience divine energy that you can unleash from within with the right attitude of mind and healthy, nourished body.

May love and light be always with You.

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By Natalia PH

Movies to see:

“Food Inc”

“Food matters”

Other suggestions:



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