How is Your Relationship Doing?

Have you ever known people who seems to have the same relationship over and over again, they end up with different people but the pattern is the same?

Not only in my coaching practice but in life I came across many people who seem to attract the same type of person and until they realize that the solution is within them it will keep on happening.

I want to share a great video with you that shortly explains the essence of a great relationship and how “you are the one you have been waiting for”. I am so blessed to have attracted and married a wonderful man, who when I look at my past relationships was the exact answer to what my heart was asking universe for. Sometimes mind plays tricks with you and tries to fool you into believing, that you are more needy that you think you are, but the truth is that once you understand your inner power, once you truly love and respect yourself, you will attract a partner who will not only be a great match, but also will allow you to flourish in the relationship.

So, ladies and gents, do not “sell” yourselves cheap, do not let Ego tell you what you need, you are powerful, beautiful, complete beings and when you let your light shine through you will attract a PARTNER for life, not anything less.

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