Simple Definition of Happiness

Good Morning Everyone and here we are starting a new week again:)

I trust that 2012 is going great for you, you are realizing your resolutions, you are living in the moment and are happy?

To kick it off this week, here is a wonderful quote from Camus:

I caught myself so many times in the past concluding, that I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t really doing what my calling was and that there must be more to life. You know, I bet all of you had those moments and often wondered if that’s all there is. I can promise you, that once you decide to live in harmony with “life”, you will listen to your inner tuition and decide to follow it, your life will change, it will become so much more joyous. The funny thing is, that often it doesn’t take much to be happy and follow your bliss, deep inside you already know who you are, what you want to do, yet the voice in your head and outside noises might have stopped you from it, but if you’d just step up and decided to BE yourself, the very best you can be, wowww, life would just unfold for you in the most magical way. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, i’m on the road of wonderful self discovery and I love every single step of this journey. With Love & Light, NataliaPH


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