Coaching Welcome

Congratulations for Taking Action!

You are one step closer to “Empowering Yourself”. Here is what you can expect and how it works.

Who is this coaching for?

Well, Do you want to be happy or happier? Then you are at the right spot. Regardless of your issues, challenges or situation I know I can help you help yourself.

This is a program where we focus on quick yet life long results and it typically takes 5-10 sessions to reach the results you need. You will get a workbook that will be tailor made for you based on the needs you have that we will establish in the first session.

You will have 1-2, 45 minute sessions per week with me on Skype or Goto-meeting where we can use video conferencing for better communication and results.

You will have unlimited access to me in between sessions via email and chat messaging, be reasonable about this of course:)

This will enable me to answer questions in real time when you study and develop.

My goal is to Help You Empower Yourself and there is a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked if you are not satisfied.

If you want to call, Skype or email me before you decide I will be happy to answer any questions. I work internationally so I have several numbers below that all come directly to me. If I don’t answer just leave a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you are ready to get started to “Empower Yourself” click on the button below and choose 1 or 5 sessions. You will SAVE $503 if you buy 5 sessions risk free with 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after completing our first session.

With love and light, looking forward to connecting with You.


Personal Coaching

UK +44 20 8133 8195
US +1 305 517 7571
SA +27 21 813 9405
PL +48 501 436 804