When You Define Your Purpose and You Believe, Your Are Bullet Proof

Good Morning All,

What a beautiful sunny day, really rather cold, but such winter is healthy – crispy air, blue sky and – 5, very nice:) I have just come back from a nordic walk and loved it:)

Now, onto the “work”, my beloved friend and partner Magzie, sent me a great, inspirational what we call “carpets” – our own creation coming from carpe diem and carpe noctem:)

This was Morning hello to “seize the day”, everything that her and I do has one purpose and one purpose only, to help create a new balance, new PH of this world, so that it can be more loving, vibrant, peaceful and happy:), so that next generation can live in harmony and love. Our mission and passion is one and we started the way Ghandi aptly put it, by becoming what we want to see in the world:)

So, my dear friends and readers, here is her inspirational mail and btw how is it going with 5 STEPS TO WAKING TO YOUR GENIUS? Have you decided yet?

With Love and Light, wishing you a beautiful friday:)


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