Well……..If It’s One of Those Days, You Need To Get Over It:)

Hi Guys:)

Yes, yes, yes, we all have these days:) Here is a longer post about it “INSPIRATION” none of us can be in the ZONE, in the VORTEX:) all day long for an entire year:)

And You know what – great!

How would you appreciate the roses if you didn’t know the weed? How would like the taste of nicely roasted chicken if you didn’t taste something really bad:)?

get upSeriously think about it…We all need contrast, we need the jing and jung, we need the good and evil to appreciate what we have, to appreciate what is coming and certainly not to get bored!

I will tell you a great story about the monkey:) If you subscribed to my “brain food” newsletter you will get it one day as a portion of your positive inspiration.

Ponder this and then tell me, if that’s not exactly how it is with us?:)

Monkey was placed in a castle tower.

Nothing was happening there, so monkey was getting very bored and anxious. For entertainment she was looking thru the window at the outside world.

It kept her busy for a while, but then she started pondering her situation. “What will my faith be in this tower? Why was I put here?”

Dark thoughts started pouring in, there was nothing to do there, there was nobody to talk to. Gradually she started slipping into depression; the room was getting smaller and smaller.

Monkey started sweating “No – she understood – I’m not in the room. I’m in hell.”

Her depression quickly turned into a real agony, and agony incredible torment.

All around her she saw demons causing her extreme pain. “This is it – she thought – I am in eternal hell” Her suffering was becoming more and more intense. She couldn’t see any way out, but slowly she started getting used to her suffering. “How much time passed?” She didn’t remember.

She started feeling better in her surroundings. It wasn’t so bad after all. It started to become pleasant, it was nice sitting alone, looking thru the window and observing all the fascinating things.

Gradually demons stopped tormenting the monkey and finally disappeared.

She felt better, the day has come when she started being optimistic.

It became more and more joyfull and then…..maybe you can figure out what happened next???

Yes, monkey went to heaven. She started feeling better and better, and she imagined that she was in heaven. Instead of taking torment from demons, she was lulled by angels. “Oh my – she thought – I’m in eternal bliss”

And it will remain so untill monkey starts getting bored again…….

Did you notice something in this story? What does it remind you?

Isn’t it like your earthly heaven and hell that we ourselves create?

Monkey is like human mind, it sits alone in the tower of our head. When mind expands due to pleasure and when it shrinks due to pain, it creates each of the possible worlds, endlessly dealing with figments of our imagination.

Monkey believes in heaven for a moment but then boredom lurks in creating displeasure, pushing monkey from heaven back to the abyss of hell.

Have you ever experienced that?

I have many times until that one moment when I said no,” I am in charge, I create not destroy, I am the beacon that lights the path, I am the leader”

Then all had changed. The choice as well as free will are ours at any given moment, it takes only split of a second to make that decision and start creating heaven on earth, eternal bliss here and now.

I’ll see you there, oh Boy, it was to be a short daily inspiration:) LOL

With Love & Light!:)











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