Welcome To The Year of The Dragon, May 2012 Be The Year Of Your Health, Wealth and Happiness – May You Wake Up To The Genius You Are and May The Force Be With You:)

Hi Guys,

Wow, can there be any more signs from the Universe, that this year is the year:)

Now that I finally woke up from the slumber of conditioning and truly am embracing my power, It is the most amazing feeling, I’m telling you, you want to do give it a try!

Here is my video I entered into Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy Today and I most definitely see myself as one of the 5 who are selected to go to his life event in  California in May, wow what an amazing adventure!

I love CA, my hubby and I spent honey moon there and we feel in love with the place:) Highway 1 and the drive from LA to San Francisco, OMG, I just simply adored it, I am so there again!

Have a Look at the video as I’m convinced that already from this little teaser ( and it took me loooooong time to capsule all my dynamite energy in only 10 minute video according to the rules, as you know I can go on and on about it, if you ever participated in my webinars, then you know that 60 minutes normally turns into 120:) so yeah im so appreciative i was able to compress it and deliver it in a pill) you can learn a lot.

Here it is, and BTW – we are entering the YEAR OF DRAGON, the year of HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS to all those who are going to awaken, so I’d definitely make that choice if I were you, so listen how you can and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

Wake Up To The Genius You Are

LOVE AND LIGHT, NEWPH:) Yeah for real, look: Natalia Ewa Wiktoria Przybylska-Hansson and you know what I AM A DRAGON, 1976, ROFLINNNG;) or rather KICKING ASSES WITH LOVE to help PEOPLE WAKE UP:)




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