Today after rather heavy workout during which I literally climbed the hill for 30 minutes and then I run down the fill, I felt amazing, but upsss…I had wrong shoes for running so now I have a tiny pain in my bones:) Live and learn, preparation is key!

Anyway…what does it have anything to do with the topic of this post?

Well, as usually I went to my favorite resources such as and looked for natural cures for whatever challenges I might face health wise. Looking for some ointment recipe I came across a great article and it is a must read for anyone who still thinks that we actually do wear out with age and/or uses this as an excuse to stop “living” passed the age of 60 or so!

02030fd9-ec69-40e0-9ab6-1edd677a3149No, no, not only are we to live a long, healthy, productive, creative life for a looooooooonnnnnnnnngggg time, but there is NO reason for us to deteriorate with age unless we allow it by choosing wrong nutrition, by not exercising our bodies, by exuding and taking in negative energies ( thoughts, feelings).

And of course if we bought in into the idea of “that’s just the way it is” Nonsense – it is not!

There are literally armies of people who get the second wave of energy and vitality in their 60, 70 and so on, they are bursting with stamina and joy. They exercise, they create and live happily for us long as…

You might remember my article about sister Madonna ( CLICK HERE ), a perfect example of late starter and what a life, read it!:)

Once you get to know to her story, here is the actual article I wanted to share with you and how it debunks the myth of us wearing out with age!

It’s titled: “Bones and body parts don’t wear out with age: Questioning the strange metaphors of conventional medicine” and it’s written by one of my favorite journalists, the health ranger – Mike Adams.

Here is a little exert: “The least healthy people in society are those who take lots and lots of prescription drugs, who visit Western medical doctors, who ignore nutrition and who think health is just a matter of luck. These are the least healthy people in society. It’s actually very clear, when you look around, who is healthy and who is not. It’s very clear which medical theories are consistently true.(…)” CLICK HERE to read the entire article, i love it and I couldn’t agree more.

Enjoy it, forget the nonsense of aging and live, eat healthy, exercise and enjoy your magnificence!

May Love and Light Be Always With You

By Natalia PH


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