Start Your Day Vibrating High

Hi Guys:)

Here is my thought and feeling for today: “Something wonderful is going to happen to me today” and believe me, I had quite a challenge to start a day like this.

Yesterday quite a few issues presented themselves and I was for a period of time devastated you can say, but then I look in the mirror and asked myself: “Am I insane?” What am I doing? Can I let this get to me? No way! All the things I have learnt and practiced and they have been working amazingly, I’ve been creating the life I want and then few punches below the belt and am I to allow them to get to me – oh, oh,oh, oh, no way.” So some emotional work had to be done.

So I made a decission right away to get myself back on track and make sure i’m going to vibrate high and exude those high, creative, inpirational vibes. I started doing some focus wheels ( you can listen to do the process here, it’s a fantastic method to feel good no matter what happen – it does require practising, but I promise you it works) You see the key is to never make decisions, that do shape our lives after all from a point of despair or misery, fear or stress, these are so often bad decission and work against us.

In the moment of real emergency or crisis most of the time you simply act, you are present in the moment and you dont have time for mind’s jeaoperdizing techniques, but in day to day activities we must always try to first feel good and then make decisions and act from that state, as it will be simply smarter and more productive, life supporting, life affirming. Seriously I should know, I have made so many stupid decisions and quite a few good ones and when i looked back at the process, well, there you go – the algorithm of creation presented in full. Read more about it in my previous posts.

Ok guys, if you’d like to have a look at the link and set your vibrational tone high by cleaning and clearing unnecessary clutter from your mind and eliminating distrative thoughts, replacing them with those that are making you feel good please do, don’t wait, just do it, preferably instantly when something distracts you, if you can’t then and there make sure you will release it afterwords, you see the problem is that this stuff is being stored in your subconsciousness and comes out of the dark in the most unexpected time makes you feel like…you know:)

Soooo, you job is to be as conscious as aware in making your decissions as it gets, and that requires little cleaning:) and once that happens everything is down hill, and no it doesnt happen over night, it’s been years for me, but to quote my friend and coach Mariusz – it is better to do it now and have another 50 years of bliss then a life of misery, hey:) I couldn’t agree more. If you need my help in cleaning and clearing tune in to one of my webinars ( next one is on Thursday 26th of January at 20.00 – link is yet to come for registration) or get into coaching with me and we will sort it out:)

With much Love and Light



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