Spread LOVE:) in 2012 and Cure The World – Yes I’m serious:)

Hi guys:)

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know I preach “Be the Change you want to see in the world” yes, yes and yes, start with yourself and what do you need to do? Love, yes love, it is that simple:) Love is the very essence of you being and your mind often misleads you from following you heart, your Ego has many needs:) you can read about it in my previous blogs. Love is the core of your being and it is a very very highly vibrating emotion, and I’m talking about hard core science here, there are ways to measure vibrations of feelings and what electromagnetic field these feelings create.

If you are into quantum physics then you can check it out, again, even though I know and I studied it, I follow my heart, and I know it true from the core of my existence, and you do too. Ponder for a second, take yourself back to times when you loved someone, a pet maybe:) How did that make you feel, did you get that wonderful cosy feeling, warmth in the heart, butterflies in your stomach? It is nothing else but exactly that  – the energy is being generated and you are radiating like a magnet with the most powerful energy in the world. When you love, don’t you feel like you can do anything?

Now, hold on a second:) it’s very important to understand, that the love must first be self love, so that you can really, really be of service to others, of  course you can serve at any time, but unless you truly love and accept yourself, you are not going to be happy….

But, when you love yourself, you are becoming a kind of person, that people want to be around, you are exuding such soothness, harmony, confidence, strenght that people are simply drawn to you. When you are in accordance with your inner being, when you are connected to it, then you can take upon the world and change it, but before that happens it will only cause you pain, resentment and dissapointment, cos you see, when you love yourself truly, you are not receptive to these low vibrating emotions, you are simply floating above them.

I would like you to have a look at this short video, I admire so much Gregg Braden, a fantastic spiritual teacher and a scientist, he is world famous for bridging the two, so best of both worlds can relate to his teachings:)

Here is the video:)

He will explain how love can cure anything and how the magnetism of your heart is influencing the world around you, I love it:)

So people, how about LOVE being one of you resolutions for 2012?

Spread Love and Light, make it your mission and believe me “What You Read You Shell Sow”, so….love, love, love and vibrate to the stars and beyond my friends:)

With Tons of Love and Light



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