Spontaneous Fulfillment Of Desires VS Forcing It

I had a very interesting discussion yesterday with one of my friends in Poland, he also runs a blog, his is dedicated to releasing all negative emotions and the author -Mariusz is a true Lester Levenson fan:) If you speak polish go right ahead and check his blog, but you are also welcome to contact him in english as he is fluent as well:) The address is www.pokonaj-strach.pl 

Anyways, we got to talk about one of my mentors Deepak Chopra and his “7 spiritual laws of success”, we spoke about it because we both noticed how easily and effortlessly things manifest when you let go, when you cease control and take charge over your Ego.

In one of his books “Spontaneous fulfillment of desire” Chopra mentions the importance of removing ego out of your way and than as if by a touch of magic wand your intentions and desires fulfill when you are ready for them. We got to talk about it, as for a while now I’m feeling this overwhelming sensation of relief and lightness in my chest, as if a huge rock fell of my chest, but sometimes it still comes back and than I’m distracted, irritated and frustrated. It often happens to people that decided to step on spiritual path and than Ego – that naughty little demon inside us – shouts and tries to block our development as much as it can. Why? It suffers from severe needs of being separated, needing comfort, security, approval and all our negative emotions are caused by these four aspects of ego.

All us have amazing possibility to live full, happy, purposeful life, yet due to the fact, that we are unconscious, unaware of our divinity we struggle identifying ourselves with Ego and its four aspects. I will not get into complicated explanations of how it works exactly, but to make it very simple, I’ll try to put it this way and that’s what I discussed with Mariusz last night:) For the sake of the argument, imagine, that you are powerful and you can do whatever you desire, i.e. learn how to fly:), and what will happen when you think it?

Some little voice will start talking in your head and you will hear – you are crazy, you can’t do it, you are not good enough, its impossible, blablabla. So, who is it that talks?

Is it you, is it your mind, is it your ego? How about, you’d tell that little voice, thank you very much for your opinion, i love you, i welcome what you have to say, but you are not to rule me and tell me what to do, I’m not you, I’m bigger than you. I’m great, I can do whatever I want, have and be whatever I desire, please leave.

And, no, its not acting like a lunatic, just changing your self talk and empowering yourself by understanding, that you are not to be ruled by your mind, by your ego, you are here to fulfill and realize whatever beautiful dreams you might have and believe it or not, we are here to be happy, to flourish and live life full of love and light.

So, Mariusz and I decided to talk to our little voices in 3rd person, not to identify with them. Later I came up with a perfect way of handling all negativity in my head, I thought of the time when I was a kid and I was stubborn, little one, that’s for sure. I can see myself in that little pink dress, with blond curly hair and that wince of fierceness and face like I know it all:) That little Natalia – Natusia as I was called was a real trouble maker:) Now, I think of her, as this little inner child, that represents all aspects of ego in me. So, when i feel bad, I say “Hey, Natusia I love you, please calm down and go to sleep, I want to work now”

When i say it and repeat it few time, not only is it funny, but also the voice subsides. Try it, it really works. I’m sure all of you have some image of someone or something, that can relate to such emotions, so picture it, call it something and talk to it with love and affection, welcome it and move on with your day, unshaken by frustration, fear, irritation, guilt, whatnot.

To go back to Deepak Chopra, the key to manifesting all our clear desires and intentions is to move ego out of our path, there are several way, above I told you about what I do and once that is done your desires fulfill effortlessly. Your life flows with the rhythm of the universe and your heart and soul signs, you will never be worried or disturbed as you achieved the sense of peace and awareness, that makes your life blissful.

In fact this post has just touched the topic, i will write more about laws, that when followed allow us to live life of miracles, but i want to encourage you to read these books, as they are some of the best books ever written on this subject. Their beauty lies in simplicity and easiness in which information is given. Whether you are new to this or not, you will learn a lot and move step closer toward life of your desires.

Have a wonderful day/evening, love, Natalia


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