Hello Dear Soul Friend,

As the people all over the world celebrate Halloween and other parts of the world, including my place of birth – Poland and my current location – Spain prepare for All Saints’ Day in one or another way honouring those that went before us, I thought it is a very good opportunity to invite you to take a moment for reflection and contemplate what you, I are and are here for.

Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?

When you take a long, deep look into your heart, you will know who you are and why you are here for. Should you feel sad, lonely or lost, the feeling will be replaced by the one of joy, knowing, connection to all life and celebration of living.

You see, I believe that we are all spiritual beings, temporary expressing ourselves as human beings. We are here for one simple reason that of spreading love, light, peace and harmony so that we can all create a wonderful place to live.

Planet Earth is our home, regardless where you live, boundaries are men made creations and truly mean nothing to our true nature, for it is boundless, limitless.

As a citizen of the world I lived, studied and worked in many countries and I must confess, I have never felt like I particularly belonged anywhere but everywhere.

I want to encourage you to please take a few moments today, tomorrow, as those days in particular have an energy of remembrance, reflection, peace in them. Take a moment and meditate upon those questions: “what is my true nature?, what am I here for? am I filling fulfilled? does what I do honour my true nature? am I living my best life?”

Why would you do that? Again, if you feel that something is missing in your life, stop allowing that and go within to find your truth. You can change the direction of your life and start living a joyful, peaceful, harmonious existence so when one day the time will come for you too to shed the earthly cloak and move into the light, you will know that you lived the most amazing life and left a beautiful mark on this planet.

I don´t mean to sadden or upset you, quite the opposite, I want to invite you to help to create heavenly Earth, the place where we can all live in love, peace and harmony and truly respect our global home, each other and oneself.

I hope this short post inspires you to take at least a short moment to ruminate upon those questions and embrace your true nature.

Let me end with this beautiful quote dear Soul Friend and May You live your life in love, peace and harmony – healthy, happy, fearlessly and fulfilling.

“Understanding dissolves fear. When we understand the true nature of our being, fears dissipate. We are spiritual beings, not human beings.”
Brian Weiss


May Love and Light Be Always With You

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Natalia PH

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