New Year’s Resolutions Series 2.2.

Hello, Hello:)

Wow, what a busy Friday, you know I really love my life, sometimes though I think I should clone myself:) Several businesses, loads of errands to run, and who said abundance doesn’t give you a headache:) I’m loving it, I also noticed, that the more I have to do, the more organized and efficient I get, I get lost in my projects and I just adore it.

Someone smart once said, that when you are passionate about your work, you don’t work for 5 minutes, so absolutely true:)

All right:) So, let’s continue with the Process of Creation, so that You can start manifesting your resolutions in 2012:) I need you to understand something first – it is going to be Your emotional work in order to allow it to happen, you need to do the “work”, I give you the recipe and believe me, the process is delicious and the fruits rewarding, however without your commitment there will be no manifestation, simple as that. And this is a very good thing, after all it is You who is going to consciously create, and it is your life, so it’s wonderful to have that power isn’t it?

Why would you have anyone else do it for you? I can see you nodding, so i’m moving on:)

To sum up the Part 1 of New Year’s Resolutions Series and 2.1.

You were introduced to the process of creating and manifesting your desires and your labor of love was to define your intention, your goal, remove you ego out of the way and focus on your wants – go back to the previous posts for details. But basically it is about your asking for what you want, trusting and believing in its fullfillment, being like Alladin asking Genie to fulfill his wishes.

You job is this – CLARYIFYING, CLEARING, FOCUSING AND LAUNCHING THAT DESIRE MINUS EGO and than letting GO, do not get attached to it, remember sometimes God/Universe has even bigger plans for you and I bet you that from a perspective looking back you will be able to see it, simple. Accept it, let it be, let it go and everything will be better then you think.

Once you do this the way it should be done, once you feel good about it and your entire being rejoices in the process you know you are on the way to creating, it just feels wonderful, every fibre of your being screams and shouts, that this desire, this intention is the right one and it feel like to quote Abraham Hicks your “next logical step”:)

In this process of creation, BELIEF is so crucial, this is where many, I’d say from observation and experience most people loose, as first of all they don’t believe strong enough and this is the absolute key to the successful completion of any task at hand:) Think about it, you want to loose 5 kg you don’t believe you can do it, forget it, you want to write a book, you don’t believe you can do it, you start sabotaging yourself repeating over and over again, that you are not good enough, and nobody will read, and the story goes…..

Without fulfilling this step and absolute, maniac like:) believe nothing great can be achieved, you need to trust the process and act as if it already happened, be thrilled by the process of visualizing you goals already achieved, see people raving at your speech at the book premiere, see yourself running in your bikini smoking hot and fit, drive that car you want to have, feel it, smell it, step on the accelerator.

You see that is the thing with Universe, with God – it believes in you if you believe in IT. You are divine, you are the channel through which that divine energy floats and you can achieve it all, but that little ego driven mind of yours need to conceive it – you need to have a VISION and then you need to BELIEVE that it’s a done deal.

And as I said before you let it go afterwards, because even though you really want to have red ferrari you might get a silver one:) Really geniuses, be opened to the field of all possibilities, allow yourself adventures, do not get attached to details, accept that there is not such thing as impossible in this Universe, once you do that and are opened you are the Master of this incredible law of attraction and can BE< HAVE AND DO ANYTHING.

Ok, so you have your clear vision, your believe, now you need to let it in:) Yes, sounds silly, how would I not let it in if I asked for it in a first place:)?

But wait:) You might not allow it as you are still stuck to that perfect vision of particulars…

What if that car is not ferrari? Do you know that joke about the guy who was drawning and asking God to save him? There came a boat and fishermen wanted to help the man, he refused, then came another boat man refused and finally he drawned and went to heaven. He asked God why didnt he save him?

Well, what did God say?:) God as always answered and delivered yet the man was so stuck on his idea of “the help” that he didn’t notice when it was given to him on several occasions. So, yes allowing your manifestation, allowing the arrival of your desires is tricky:) You will be all right once you understand that your thoughts, your feelings, you actions and your results are all connected in one magical chain of events and that nothing is manifesting without you taking part in it.

The problem is that people do create unconsciously most of the time and deny the fact, that they had anything to do with what happened. If you want to understand more about it you can read my previous posts, join me at one of my webinars “Wake Up To The Genius You Are” and this will become clearer and clearer for you.

I was in denial for a while, I was living at this rather low level of human consciousness where you still blame people and circumstances for what happens to you, untill one moment….

The Transformation happened to me several years ago and it is still in progress, the difference between now and then is, that I took complete responsibility for what happens to me and how my life goes and I mean complete responsibility, I understood the process of creation and setting goals as well as allowing Higher Power/Energy/God to take over at times while I focus on what I can do. Really when you allow this process to unfold for you, you will create most amazing things in your life and you will work with passion and enthusiasm like you never did before, avalanches of abundance will flow towards you and in such motion, that sometimes you might get overwhelmed, just remember take it one step at the time, practise “the art of allowing”, be grateful, believe that all things that happen, happen for a reason and always look for positive, uplifting meanings to thing that happen.

In crisis you might have lost a house, ok, so you did and what’s good in it? What if it was a possibility for you to develop and grow in a different direction? If you kept the house, maybe you would have never ventured out to the world? Really, as upseting as some events might seem at times, it is up to you and only you to assign meaning to things. Economic troubles, marital troubles, self esteem challenges, all these are there as opportunites for growth and expansion, some may argue and say oh BS I want my life calm and peaceful and I want to live in that house forever:) Ok, I challenge you, that if that’s what you really want, you would get it, there is clearly a part of you, that longs for something else, otherwise this would not even be an issue.

I hope you are somewhat clearer on how to get what you want and create a happy life and if you are not yet, certainly do not trouble yourself, just let it go, release the need of knowing and go with the flow, the answer will come on this forum or another, you just need to relax, you see I also had this challenge and needing to have and know everything immediately, instant gratification:) wanted:), well, i had to hold my horses and be patient and then once I got a hang of this whole process things started to flow and now when things don’t flow, I take a step back and i make sure i allow the divine wisdom help me out, afterall since I asked, it is already given, so my focus is on believing and receiving.

I have to tell you self discovery is the biggest journey of my life and it will continue for as long as I will live in this and future experiences, I can feel in my heart of heart that I took a real leap ahead as NataliaPH in this human body experience:)

I wish you the same and May Your New Years Resolutions Be Filled With Love and Light and everything is going to be better then you think, as there is no chance for failure in search of the Light:) you may need to step back at times, get a little perspective, but as long as you keep on keeping on, you are going to be just fine:)


With Love and LIght and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU:) 2012 is JUST ROUND THE CORNER, so enter with a BANG:) and Explode Your Genius in 2012:)



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