Monday, Monday:) Let’s Love Mondays:)

Hi Guys:)

Do you remember that song by Mammas and Pappas? In fact when I think about it, there are a lot of miserable Monday songs? Why? Honestly, this must be the most amazing invention of human kind – to hate Mondays:) So many people I know sings the same tune, OH IT’s MONDAY:) blleeee:) I look at my dog, he doesn’t care if it’s Monday or Sunday it’s all good to him:)

We have assigned so many different things to Monday that somehow we dread it. Did you know that most heart attacks happen on Monday morning at 9?

Come on people, let’s reprogram shall we?

Why do we have a problem with Monday? What I hear most from my friends and clients is:

1. I need to go to work – ok, so it’s not Monday, it’s the work, isn’t it? Here I will refer you back to my post called “Making a living” – there is something to think about it:)

2. My inbox is full and before I even start anything productive, I need to answer all my emails – WHY? How about prioritizing? Is everything equally important? Did you know that only about 3% of emails are being read these days? The amount of emails I get is crazy, so I got pretty good at compartmentalizing them, I have created folders called – to deal with now, later, whenever I have time and some are just deleted right away, no matter what kind of work you do, nothing is ever equally important, so take it easy and release the urge to solve everything at once, you decide when, stop letting your inbox run your life – i had that syndrome for quite some time:)

Again, I made a decision one day to stop being so impulsive and you know what – world didn’t end and I managed to get back to people within 24 hours and it was very appreciated, you don’t need to reply to all instantly, our society became driven by instant gratification its crazy – do you remember that few years ago, your modem had to dial before you went online and now BUM you’re online and God forbid your browser doesnt move with the speed of light:) It’s hilarous, so stop for a second and remember how it used to be and chill, be grateful, sing a song, relax, no need to have a heart attack over it!:)

I will not be going on and on about reason why people do not particularly like Mondays, as I’d rather come up with some reasons WHY MONDAYS ARE GREAT:

Here is it – Monday – it’s a new week, it represents new possibilities, new beginnings, people are back at work, you can get more things done, focus on possibilities that brings to you, and stop letting negativity in your life, simple as that, just try it – you know that there is nothing wrong with Mondays, it is our human invention, but imagine a working week, the way you’d like to have it and then gradually create it, why not? Have you ever thought about home based business? Hmm, there is a thought, isn’t it?

For now just relax, and think of this week like the most pleasant experience, where you’d just float thru it, read this, this is a great advice, and it might come as a shocker, as you are sooooo used to fighting for everything, i did too, but for a while now, i’m much more intuned with my inner being, with the sense of peace and harmony and it was a shocking revelation to see, that when you go with the flow things do flow, and when you resist something, it just keeps on persisting, so:

and before you get upset and start saying it’s nonsense, think about your life for a second and really ask youself – do you really want to fight for everything? Let me quote Deepak Chopra again “Your desires spontaneously fulfill when ego is out of the way”, read that post I wrote once and maybe you can see a big picture, think of Ghandi who “fought” the Brits with his peaceful attitude, and believe me, I know it’s hard, I was always a figher and always needed to have things done yesterday:) and it led to some successes, but I was not happy and was that what i wanted?

No, I wanted to have a happy, healthy, abundant life and struggle for it wasn’t the answer, resistance and going against the current was not the answer, i found the answer and peace and I wish you the same. There are ways to live that incredible life, that you dream about, but it requires the change of your attitutude, reprogramming of your beliefs and starting over, and especially now in the world that is really loosing its order, you can create a new, happy, fullfilling life, there are thousands of people who did that, thought out of the box, said no to common truths and reinvented themselves.

This field of all possibilities is only waiting for you to command your choice to it and it will deliver, but you are the creator, ask me for help, that’s what i’m here for and remember as long as you believe you can or can not, it is always you who chooses. I work hours and hours and I stopped counting time, I don’t know that it’s Monday unless I want to know, I have never been freer and this is just a beginning of this journey, come on board and believe, that there are options out there:) And yes, I better organized in my peace, then I ever was in my stress and I do get so much more done with so much more joy:)

With Love and Light



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