Manifest Absolutely Anything You Want….

9 years ago

manifesf absolutely anythingManifest Absolutely Anything You Want…

This is a bold statement, isn’t it? It was a post someone put on my facebook wall few days ago. Ok, another Law of Attraction recipe. I know 1000s of them by now and Yes, the Law does work and the truth is you can Manifest Anything You Want, I paid tens of thousands of dollars to find out how it works, what works and what doesn’t, so I’m very drawn and curious to always check what comes my way:)

Not being foreign to the subjects, studying it for years and experiencing ups and downs with it, I decided to check young Rashan’s information:) We are more or less the same age, and feels like we are kindred spirits.

I have to say, he did a very good job of delivering very concise, “no silly fluff, jedi mind power skills or years of practise” needed course:)

Personal Development is a passion of mine and I have been diligent student of Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy and many more for years and I have recently been suffering from an information overload:) Thanks to the power of Internet, you are being bombarded by tons of information and recipes of “How to…” and if you were to consume it all, you would suffer a serious case of indigestion.

How to “Manifest Absolutely Anything”..

There was something compelling about “Manifest Absolutely Anything” and the prices of $17 was really something I was willing to pay to find out how this guy is approaching the issue.

I quote the beginning of his sales letter: “I know exactly how you feel right now, you have this burning desire to be free, to do and have what you want, to never have to worry about money, health or love ever again.

Not only have I been where you are right now but I have also helped hundreds of people just like you to become financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically free.

Unfortunately many people give up the pursuit of “freedom” as they perceive it as being “too far away”, well today I want to bring freedom closer to you.

In just a moment I am going to show you how you can build a life of freedom but before I do let me introduce myself….” read more

I have gone through “Manifest Absolutely Anything” and I recommend it to anybody who wants to achieve their goals. Rashan explains very well why you might not have achieved what you want up untill now, explains most common mistakes people make in the process of setting goals and what works. I wouldnt be dedicating entire post to this program, but having studied so many diffrent programs, I can assure you this a nice, condensed guide, that will not ovewhelm you.

What I really like about it as well, is that you have it all given in a very simple form, to manifest your desires, just follow these instructions and really do it daily until you achieve your goal (and, yes..very good remark make your goal optimal with the right level of believability and desirability, i.e. I want to make $1mln in one week sounds great, but is it really believable:) goal to You right now?)

“Manifest Absolutely Anything” Course

The whole course is a combo of very well explained practical exercises with script, video and audio, so perfect combination of all elements needed to truly start to Manifest Absolutely Anything:) I’m impressed with Rishan to be able to really serve all that is needed in such a compact form. I suggest for you to check it out and if you Manifest your first desires, you will go deeper into those subjects anyways as they are fascinating:)

Below is a quick overview of what you are going to get:

10 step-by-step video tutorials that will teach you how to:

  • create what you desire on demand
  • setup and word your goals for maximum success
  • create perfect visualizations (or end point success imaginary experiences)
  • synchronize your brain and increase your thinking power
  • take decisive and proper action
  • identify and convert any self sabotage into your personal cheerleader
  • overcome previous failures and guarantee success
After each video you are going to dive right into action and it’s effortless, just let your desires surface and come to you. You get to see Rishan as he instructs you on releasing negative blocks and listen to him explaining how to synchronize you brain for maximum achievement. Very simple, very pleasant and it only takes few hours to be on the way to Manifest Absolutely Anything You Want.

Whether you are new to Law of Attraction or a veteran, Manifest Absolutely Anything is well worth it, so check it out HERE and remember “You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David that you are sculpting is you”.










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